Singapore Foodie: D'Good Cafe, Holland Village

Situated in a hip area of Holland Village, D'Good Cafe has always been popular with the locals especially the students. When we visited the cafe, it was 80% occupied with students who come for a good meal, a discussion or just a nice good chat on a weekend afternoon. The cafe is not that big but I guess it has managed to utilise every nook to maximise the seating capacity. 

Singapore Foodie: D'Good Cafe, Holland Village

Oh right, by the way the seating area is located at level 3 of the cafe and you need to self-order your food at level 2. The weather has been quite wacky in this tiny island and I need to dose myself up with some vitamin so for once, I decided not to order coffee and stick to apple fruit blended. It has a hint of tinge-ness which I did not really know from what, but I prefer the usual fruit juice, to be honest. 

Apple Fruit Blended at D'Good Cafe Holland Village

Collecting food proved to be a challenge if you are alone (my friend guarding our seats and belonging upstairs) as you need to collect your own food. When my hands are full holding the plates, I suddenly wished I had extra hand to open the door leading to the seating area. Thankfully, a not-bad-looking angel helped me to open the door. Once my omelette toast landed safely on the table, it's time for some photo-taking and finally, eating time! I love eggs so I seldom have bad experience with whatever brunch items involving eggs. This one is not an exception.

Omelette on Toast at D'Good Cafe Holland Village

While my friend's plate looks kinda like a mess, but that cannot be helped because the dish is called Banger & Mash. The sauce itself is pretty good but I don't really like the filling of the beef sausage (the other one supposedly pork). 

Banger & Mash at D'Good Cafe Holland Village

Maybe I should try their coffee next time because reviews say that D'Good Cafe serves a pretty good caffeine-fix. Oh well, until next time then.

How to go to D'Good Cafe:

1. Take MRT to the nearest MRT station, Holland Village
2. Walk for 1-2 minutes from Exit B to 273 Holland Avenue #02-01

Operating hours:

Sunday to Thursday: 10AM to 10PM
Friday & Saturday: 10AM to 11PM

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