13D12N Australia Trip: Axil Coffee Co, Kirribilli Sydney

During our stay at the second airbnb accommodation in Sydney, we managed to explore the neighbourhood of Kirribilli. Kirribilli is one of the suburbs in Sydney and judging from how the neighbourhood looks like, it seems to be one of the premier suburbs of Sydney (direct view of Sydney Opera House for goodness sake). Since Australia is well known for its breakfast habit, we explored the neighbourhood to find a cozy place to start the day and that's when we stumbled into Axil Coffee Co.

13D12N Australia Trip: Axil Coffee Co, Kirribilli Sydney

Axil Coffee Co has been described in TimeOut as a cafe with views that rival the prime minister's. We were kinda having doubt on this but as soon as we entered the cafe, all doubts are gone. Curious? I'll post the picture of the view at the end of the post. Hehe.

Axil Coffee Co Kirribilli Sydney

At this point of my journey, I don't feel like drinking coffee anymore and hence, replacing my usual latte order with a jar of fresh watermelon juice. 

Watermelon juice at Axil Coffee Co, Kirribilli Sydney

My friend stuck to her usual caffeine fix, the latte and she said that Australian coffee never disappoints her. Glad to hear that I suppose, but I'm pretty much happy with my supposedly-healthier watermelon juice. =P

Latte and watermelon juice at Axil Coffee Co Kirribilli Sydney

If you ask me to describe the food served at Axil Coffee Co with one word, it's pretty. My Friend's rhubarb, apple and greek yoghurt sourdough looks oh-so-pretty on the palate even though this dish is kinda too healthy for her taste. She did not even tough her rhubarb at all. LOL.

Apple, Rhubarb and Yoghurt Sourdough at Axil Coffee Co Kirribilli Sydney

Even though my order may not be as pretty as the combination of apple and rhubarb in the above picture, taste-wise I prefer this big banana bread. The nuts and cream serve on top of the banana bread brings the dish to another level. The size may be too big for me but I suppose this size suits Australian just nice? Haha. If you are not a big eater, I suggest you share the food at Axil Coffee Co.

Banana Bread at Axil Coffee Co Kirribilli Sydney

Oh right, before you left the cafe, don't forget to take a peek outside the window to see that million-dollar-prime-minister's-view. Does it meet your expectation? 

Kirribilli Ocean View at Sydney Australia

If it does not, you may want to start aiming to be the next PM. LOL.

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