13D12N Australia Trip: Delicious Pho and Wonderful Sunset, Sydney

The last time I've blogged about Sydney is about my impromptu visit to Symbio Wildlife Reserve because my cousin's car broke down as he accidentally hit the car in front. Oh well. The wildlife is not big enough for us to spend a long time inside but at least we managed to spend at least two hours inside by walking slowly, feeding wallabies and teasing koala. We spent another hour of waiting in the store which is equipped with an air conditioner, thankfully, while waiting for my cousin's friend to pick us up from...a place which is a bloody long way from Sydney.

13D12N Australia Trip: Delicious Pho and Wonderful Sunset, Sydney

Tired from all the waiting, we finally managed to escape from the accident site and back to the suburban area near my cousin's house. Feeling bad, he brought us to eat Vietnamese food at An Restaurant. My cousin stayed at a suburban area which is also known as Little Vietnam (or Little Saigon? I can never tell.). 

An Vietnamese Restaurant in Sydney Australia

There are a lot of Vietnamese patrons when we are at the restaurant around 5PM on a Sunday. The restaurant must be good because I really think 5PM is not yet dinner time (unless Australian loves early dinner?). I order a bowl of beef pho which taste oh so amazing. It's definitely better than those pho(s) which I eat in some Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore. 

Vietnamese Beef Pho at Sydney Australia

With full stomach, my cousin dropped us to the nearest safe metro station (apparently, not all metro stations are safe especially outside Sydney) so that we could ride the metro back to Sydney CBD safely. And just in time to wait for the sunset at Circular Quay. 

Circular Quay Sydney Australia

Sunset viet at Circular Quay in Sydney. Even though the day had been kinda rough, I was pretty grateful we managed to enjoy at least a pretty enjoyable evening (and yummy Vietnamese pho). 

Sunset at Circular Quay Sydney Australia

Lesson learnt: Don't let my cousin drive again next time. 

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