13D12N Australia Trip: Symbio Wildlife Park, Sydney

If you love animals, you will probably enjoy going to a zoo in Australia. Our trip to the zoo (or they call it a wildlife park here in Sydney) was actually unplanned. I am not really an animal-lover and hence, I don't mind missing a trip to the zoo at all in my itinerary. However, my cousin just had to nudge another car which ended up in a K.O. moment for his own car. With a broken car, we had no choice but to wait for the tow truck to arrive. The funny thing is, there is a wildlife park right opposite the crash site. 

13D12N Australia Trip: Symbio Wildlife Park, Sydney

So my cousin's wife decided to brought me and my friend there so that we would not waste our time entirely waiting for a tow truck. Anyway, we got nothing better to do so let's just go check some wildlife animals living in Symbio Wildlife Park. The park is not that big but we did see some wild animals which we did not see anywhere else like this hairy monkey (I forgot the biological name of the monkey). 

Australian Wild Monkey at Symbio Wildlife Park Sydney

This animal is named Meerkat if I am now wrong but I always feel like calling him, King Julian instead due to the movie Madagascar. Hahaha. I want to move it move it~~~

Meerkat at Symbio Wildlife Park Sydney

Despite the small size, there are a lot of activities going on in Symbio Wildlife Park. For instance, there is this feeding dingo session which is conducted behind the high fences. Dingo is a wild dog and it can jump up pretty high. It loves to play and eat meat. The zoo-keeper will purposely place the meat at some high places to make the dingo jump. 

Dingo Dog at Symbio Wildlife Park Sydney

There are two dingos that we saw but one of them prefer to just slack behind the house. While the other one, is so active, it keeps jumping here and there. 

Dingo Feeding Session at Symbio Wildlife Park Sydney

After feeding the dingo, we are so motivated to feed animals too. But obviously we chose the "tamer" animal to feed, like wallabies. Wallabies are basically smaller version of Kangaroos. They are not scared of human and it was pretty fun feeding them as they will not bite your hands (unless you annoy them so much I suppose). 

Wallabies feeding session at Symbio Wildlife Park Sydney

There is only one koala in vicinity that time and he does what he does best, napping. When it's time for him to wake up, he refuses to face us and it took us a few minutes to make him turn his face and say hello to us. My cousin's wife did a lot of the noise and stuff to distract him of course. 

Koala at Symbio Wildlife Park Sydney

If it is not for unforeseen circumstances, I don't think I will purposely drive all the way to visit Symbio Wildlife Park because it is located at a pretty outskirt area. I would actually prefer to go to Taronga Zoo which is way bigger and located right in the city centre of Sydney. But, nonetheless, we managed to spent a good few hours inside Symbio Wildlife Park. 

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