A Daytrip to Bratislava, Slovakia

The world has literally been shaken by the news of Britain leaving the European Union a.k.a. Brexit. At the same time the terrorist group is still trying to break havoc in some parts of Europe with Turkey being the latest target (I suppose all along Turkey has always been a target but still...). I kinda miss Europe in its peaceful days before all these things. Those days where you can still travel and enjoy the journey without being scared for your life (okay you can still do that actually but with extra caution I suppose). Okay let's just focus on the happy memory.

We visited Bratislava when we made our journey from Budapest in Hungary to Prague in Czech. Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, if you don't know. The main place of interest in Bratislava would be its white castle which is named after the city. 

Bratislava Castle in Slovakia

No motor vehicles are allowed inside the old town area. So our bus dropped us near the square where the statue of Jesus carrying the cross is situated. 

Jesus Carrying the Cross statue in Bratislava Slovakia

As we visited Bratislava around mid November, we were welcomed by the beautiful yellow scenery of autumn in Bratislava. So lovely. <3

A Daytrip to Bratislava, Slovakia

I really think I can spend all day here because you totally cannot find this scenery anywhere in Singapore or Jakarta. Tropical weather, too bad. 

Autumn in Bratislava Slovakia

I will spam the rest of the post with pictures of beautiful yellow autumn leaves at Bratislava. 

Beautiful autumn leaves at Bratislava Slovakia

Close up to say hi to yellow leaves. 

Yellow autumn leaves of Bratislava Slovakia

If you'd like to catch the above scenery, you should book a trip to Bratislava around mid November. The weather is not too cold yet and hence, perfect for strolling around the city. 

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