Meal Time at Bratislava Old Town, Slovakia

After wandering around the old town and easily getting distracted by the cute display at some stores, we were finally focusing on finding a place to eat. Oh wait, probably right after another distraction at these ornament stores. The Christmas decorations that the store sells are pretty cute. 

Christmas store display at Bratislava Old Town Slovakia

Okay, time to refocus on our goal. I was actually pretty interested in trying some local Slovak cuisines but looking at the pictures, I don't think my extended family members can enjoy these dishes because I have to say, some of them are really really fussy about food. Sigh.

Original Slovak Restaurant Menu in Bratislava Old Town

We were seriously thinking of going to McD until we passing by our tour guide who was having fun on his own. We asked his recommendation and even brought him for lunch so that he could help us ordering some food. Surpisingly he recommended a...

Meal Time at Bratislava Old Town, Slovakia

...Scottish pub. In Bratislava. This was kinda surprising but I suppose British food will suit the fussy palates as well. 

Lochness Scottish Pub at Bratislava Old Town Slovakia

The portion of the food sold here is huge and even though I have no problem with sharing the food, some people are too hungry to wait for me to take proper pictures of the food. Hence, the blurry huge burger which is served with a basket of onion rings, fries and potato wedges. Three sauces (i.e. BBQ, ketchup and mayonnaise) are served together with the burger. Can't remember the name of the burger but if I'm not wrong, it contains beef patty, blue cheese, cheddar, bacon and lettuces. 

Beef Burger at Bratislava Old Town Slovakia

The next dish is even more difficult to take picture because it is located pretty far from me and people keep moving the plate (like omg, can you put it down for a few seconds) and hence, a super blurry shot of the BBQ pork ribs. The pork ribs is served with corn cob and fries plus BBQ sauce.

BBQ Pork Ribs at Bratislava Old Town Slovakia

We ordered a dessert to share amongst one table because by this time, a lot of people is already full. The tiramisu cake is so yummy and huge too. No one's complaining about the dessert. 

Tiramisu cake at Scottish Pub in Bratislava Old Town Slovakia

The food and dessert served in the Scottish pub are pretty yummy. The waiters speak English as well (well they should be since this is a Scottish pub, ay?). You can consider eating here if you don't really know where to eat in the old town of Bratislava. 

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