Old Town Bratislava, Slovakia

Welcome to the old town area of Bratislava in Slovakia. At the start of our old town walk, we spotted the old Slovak National Theatre. It was opened back in the 1800s and still used for the three ensembles (opera, ballet and drama). Ganymede's fountain which was sculpted by local famous sculptor, Viktor Oskar Tilgner, is added on later in front of the theatre. 

Slovak National Theatre at Old Town Bratislava Slovakia

So far, I have always thought that Parisian would always be the chicest city in Europe but actually, the Bratislava ladies are pretty chic themselves. The dog too. Classy. 

Chic Lady at Old Town Bratislava Slovakia

Before I know it, my aunt who cannot really speak English, has disappeared and turned out she's already queuing for pecene gastany. We totally watched her in curiosity to see if she would be able to buy this pecene gastany on her own. 

Roasted Chestnut and Baked Potato Stall at Bratislava Slovakia

Turned out she succeeded even with her barely-there English. Not bad, dear aunt. You deserve to enjoy your pecene gastany which turns out to be roasted chestnut. 

Roasted Chestnut Stall at Bratislava Slovakia

Few steps further from the roasted chestnut stall, we saw an interesting vehicles painted in red. If you are not in the mood of walking, this vehicle will be your savior. You need to pay to get helped though. Hahaha. 

Bratislava Old Town City Tour Bus

The red vehicles turned out to be a carriage for Bratislava old town tour. The tour guide/ driver will drive you around while storytelling the passengers on the beauty of Bratislava old town. 

Guided Tour of Old Town Bratislava Slovakia

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