Wandering on the Streets of Old Town of Bratislava, Slovakia

I have really enjoyed my walk in Bratislava, especially when it was such a nice day with a good weather. If you'd like to visit Bratislava, I suggest you come around end of November/ early December as the weather is cool and yet, not cold. 

Wandering on the Streets of Old Town of Bratislava, Slovakia

Other than all those historical buildings, Bratislava has a lot of beautiful-looking cafe. The price placed by these cafe on the food is relatively cheaper than other European cities. Some cafes are combined with souvenir store, just like this one called Zeppelin. 

Zeppelin Cafe at Bratislava Slovakia

If you prefer to dine in a Slovakian restaurant, there are a number of them available in the old town too. Pardon me for being dorky for a while here. 

Dorky at Bratislava Slovakia

Even though there are a lot of restaurants on the same street, I note that the Slovakian do manage the cleanliness of the old town. Like! 

Restaurants in Bratislava Old Town Slovakia

If Slovakian food is not for you, you can also try other international cuisine here in Bratislava. For instance, there is an Irish restaurant, the Dubliner. 

Irish restaurant in Bratislava Slovakia

A Mexican restaurant, El Diablo, which has a creepy hanging doll on one of its windows. 

Mexican restaurant in Bratislava Slovakia

We had to decide our lunch place soon (and I had to make sure it's not McD) as we only had two hours left to spend in Bratislava. Decision, decision...>.<!

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