13D12N Australia Trip: The Art of the Brick DC Comics, Powerhouse Museum (Part 2)

It's finally Friday!! Oh my gawd, I feel that I have been waiting forever for today to come. The cinema world is currently talking about Suicide Squad which seems good from the trailer but I have a slight scepticism on the storyline so I should probably wait for at least another week so that other people can watch first and share their review on the movie. Meanwhile, why don't we focus on the superheroes of the DC world instead. 

13D12N Australia Trip: The Art of the Brick DC Comics, Powerhouse Museum (Part 2)

I am really really grateful that the Art of the Brick DC Comic exhibition allows its visitors to take picture of the exhibits. I mean the exhibits are really awesome it would be a waste not to keep memories of them. Not everyone can make Aquaman from Lego bricks, right?

Aquaman in lego bricks

Green Lantern being totally green. 

Green Lantern in lego bricks

Another rendition of Superman, this time in blue. I really wonder how Nathan makes Superman's cape so perfectly by using lego bricks. Like, wow!

Superman in lego bricks

Not very sure on this character (a proof that my knowledge on DC universe turns out to be pretty limited), but I think he's Cyborg? He looks pretty much cyborg-ish to me. Wait, does that word even exist? Hahaha.

Cyborg in lego brick form

Oh, but I definitely know this one. In fact, I have a primary school mate named after him. Yes, I have a friend named Flash. He's still the one and only one amongst my friend list who has this name. 

The Flash in brick form

It is a sin punishable in even Gotham itself if you don't know the next character. XD

Batman in brick form

Does this post trigger your inner creativity to create something cool with lego bricks?

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