Jakarta Eats: The Fctry Bistro and Bar, Lippo Mall Puri

"When life gives you shit, it times to eat something sweet." ~ me

The thing is life often gives me shit I really can't stand it. However, apparently I am not the only one who feel that way. A lot of my good friends feel that way too and I suppose that's why everytime we meet up, something sweet is always involved. Tonight's venue for the sweet stuff is The Fctry Bistro and Bar, a restaurant situated at Lippo Mal Puri, the latest shopping mall around my neighbourhood in my hometown, Jakarta.

Jakarta Eats: The Fctry Bistro and Bar, Lippo Mall Puri

This was not the first time my friend went to Fctry so I let her choose those proven-to-be-good sweet dishes and surprisingly she chose one cream-filled doughnut and..,

Cream filled doughnut from Fctry Bistro and Bar Lippo Mall Puri

...lava cake, complete with the vanilla ice cream as side dish. I am usually not a doughnut person but Fctry's doughnut rendition is not bad although it can be quite sweet for some people with lower level of sweet-tooth. 

Chocolate Lava Cake and Ice Cream Fctry

The lava cake is so so. Oh well, we did not really mind them because after all, we have not met up for a while and it's always good to have something to chat about for hours. 

The Fctry Bistro and Bar's address:

Lippo Mall Puri, Blok G-98
Jalan Puri Indah Raya
Kembangan, Jakarta

Trading hours:

Everyday 9AM - 11PM

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