Jakarta Eats: A&W Kitchen, Plaza Senayan

One thing that I have always been looking forward to whenever I come back home is the food. For those of you who are currently making a living outside your hometown or your home country will understand the feeling of coming back home, to the comfort of your family (especially your mum). So in this rare occasion (okay, maybe not that rare as I often come back home), I brought my Mum to eat something different. I've seen a lot of good review about Akira Watanabe's restaurant in Plaza Senayan, A&W Kitchen. And just like that, we came to Plaza Senayan to try the food. Jump!
Jakarta Eats: A&W Kitchen, Plaza Senayan

From the menu, it seems that A&W Kitchen specialises in fusion dishes between Japanese and Italian. Thankfully, Mum has a pretty open-mind to this concept. Before the main dishes arrive, each table is served with a plate of bread and butter. It tastes so good, I had to put a restraint on myself not to overload myself with carbo before the real deal.

Complimentary bread at A&W Kitchen Plaza Senayan

If you would like to try drinking Italian soda, it is available here at A&W Kitchen. I tried the blueberry Italian soda and it tastes very refreshing and not too sweet. Not bad. 

Complimentary bread at A&W Kitchen Plaza Senayan

I ordered the most interesting pasta which I saw on the menu. It is called Spaghetti in Garlic Oil with Spicy Cod Roe and Japanese Mushrooms. The plate looks so beautiful in color although I have to mix them all up before eating. Taste-wise, I was actually quite surprised the dish taste so good because the dish is so simple and there is no meat at all inside the dish.

Spaghetti in garlic oil with spicy cod roe and Japanese mushrooms A&W Kitchen

Mum is not that adventurous in terms of pasta selection but her lasagna taste good as well. I started to get the impression that all food served in A&W Kitchen are worth to share in Instagram. 

Lasagna from A&W Kitchen Plaza Senayan

There is always a room for dessert (although I kinda forced it). I just had to order one dessert item since I have made a long way to Plaza Senayan (okay, I probably exaggerate this a bit but it's not like Senayan is my neighbourhood, ok). Banana Tiramisu seems to be a quite delightful dessert to end my pleasant visit to A&W Kitchen and I was so glad that my decision is spot on. 

Banana tiramisu from A&W Kitchen

Overall satisfaction: Very High.

A&W Kitchen is situated at level 4 of Plaza Senayan, Jakarta.

Opening hours:

Everyday 10AM - 10PM

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