Ranting and reminiscing on hot summer day in Yehliu, Taiwan

I have only 5 watts of power remaining in my eyes and yet I feel like writing some stuff. It is now day 2 of mourning period since the day my Macbook Pro has crashed. I seriously felt significant void in my life, apparently my relationship was such a committed one. 

To make matters worse, I am not really an outgoing person (and hence in a committed relationship with my Mac) especially when the weather in Singapore is crazy hot. I think it's comparable to the heat of summer which I experienced in Yehliu last summer. Beautiful scenery and yet, hot.

Yehliu Taiwan

I am due for appointment tomorrow with the techie but I forgot to bring the one and only laptop case that I have from the office. Shit. 

My 7 years old Macbook Pro is still the heavyweight version and I really wonder if I should find a new beau, in rose gold color.

I shall meditate on this tonite. Especially since blogging has become quite tough from the small phone. Ok maybe not so small but it ain't tablet or laptop. Hehe. 

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