Singapore Eats: Free the Robot, Telok Ayer (revisited)

Good night all (or should I say good morning instead?). This will be the first blog post which I upload from my very first IPad. If you have been reading my ranting posts lately, you would have known that my beloved Mac crashed on me and after a few days of endurance, I could not take it anymore and decided to find a new lover, IPad Pro. I have to say so far I'm loving it.
Since I feel hungry now, I decided to write a post about my recent visit to Free the Robot cafe in Telok Ayer area of Singapore. This is my favorite place to hide eat whenever I visit Telok Ayer as well...this is where I used to work after all. LOL. Free the Robot is a cute and cozy cafe and you will be greeted by these friendly robots when you have made your order at the cashier.
Free the Robot Telok Ayer

Food wise, Free the Robot cafe sells a selection of sandwiches, salads and some mains. I have tried the yummy avocado cheese sandwich before but I decided to try something different today. For a start, instead of the usual caffeine fix, I opted for the healthier home-made orange juice. Even I was impressed with myself. Ahem.

Free the Robot Telok Ayer

For the food, I tried something different from the usual sandwiches which I often order. This time, I ordered juicy meatballs served with pasta. I did not expect a lot of veggie-touch on this dish so I was quite surprised when it was served, looking all pretty and Instagram-worthy. It tastes pretty good too. If I am not wrong, last time the cafe served this with rice instead of pasta but I suppose pasta works too. 

Free the Robot Telok Ayer
Free the Robot's address:
118 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore

Free the Robot's opening hours:
Tuesday - Saturday 8.30AM to 4.30PM 

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