Singapore Eats: Kushi Kushi, 313 Somerset

When you are working late, you start to look for comfort food. Okay, some people may not eat at all when they work too late, but that does not apply to me. The later I work, the more I need solid comfort food. Like rice. Hahaha I know, this does not sound like I'm encouraging healthy lifestyle. XD
On such occasion, I look for something like bento box but there is no Tori Q at 313 Somerset (I just found out later that there is actually one Tori Q stall nearby at Orchard Gateway but oh well). So, I ended up buying Tori Q's competitor, Kushi Kushi.

Singapore Eats: Kushi Kushi, 313 Somerset

Kushi Kushi offers similar concept with Tori Q. At one glance, they look pretty much the same from outside. Really. Price tag for the bento also priced more or less the same with Tori Q.

Kushi Kushi Japanese Yakitori 313 Somerset

There is slight variation to the kushiyaki offered in between the bento set but anyway, I chose the one who has ebi fry, two chicken sticks and one chicken meatball. The sauce, the nori and the kushiyaki taste pretty much similar to Tori Q. But Tori Q wins in term of the rice as I suppose Tori Q uses Japanese rice while Kushi Kushi uses normal white rice.

Yakitori Meal Box at Kushi Kushi 313 Somerset

As far as the kushiyaki battle goes, I would still stick to my first love, Tori Q. If you'd like to try out Kushi Kushi, you can come to Level B3 of 313 Somerset. They also offer delivery via Foodpanda if you don't feel like coming all the way to Somerset.

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