Singapore Eats: Pizza, Fries and Chicken Wings at Timbre+

My beloved Mac just decided to crash on me. Such a cruel act. But since it's an aging Mac I suppose it's just bound to happen. Sigh. With that, now I'm trying to blog by using my S7 edge. I wonder how long I will take to make this one post.

Singapore eats: pizza, fries and chicken wings at Timbre+

Right, where was I? Oh yeah, Timbre+. It is basically a new eating place which adopts the concept of famous markets like for instance, Queen Victoria's Market in Melbourne. Stall and food truck owners have joined forces to make this vibrant eatery goes alive. For a start, you can get any type of bottled beer here.

Timbre+ Bottled Beers

Once you have decided on the beer, it's time to check out the food offerred at Timbre+. We tried the pizza and fries from the food truck named "The World is Flat". The food truck puts a fancy twist to otherwise a boring pizza. The Fat Samurai pizza tastes pretty good even though it looks pretty messy on a plate. 

Timbre+ Beer and Pizza Singapore

Even though the pizza is nice enough, I enjoy the World is Flat's rendition of sweet potato fries. The fries are mixed with sweet toppings like marshmallow and cream sauce and yet, the whole thing taste good together. And I am not even a fan of marshmallow.

Timbre+ sweet potato fries

If you come around 7+-ish in the evening, you may be able to catch live music performance although you need to sit pretty close to the stage to listem to band clearly. 

Timbre+ Food Court One North Singapore

If you are still hungry and feel like nibbling something, there is something that you may want to try, the salted egg chicken wings. While they look pretty dull in my pic I dunno why, taste-wise, they are quite okay. Nothing fantastic but so so I suppose.

Salted egg chicken wings Timbre+

It can be pretty hot and humid dining in Timbre+, you may want to dress pretty light if you plan to come here. 

Timbre+'s location:

73A Ayer Rajah Crescent

Nearest MRT: One North (Circle Line)

Timbre+'s opening hours:

Mon - Sat 6AM - 12AM
Close on Sunday

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