Singapore Eats: A Poke Theory, Telok Ayer

I love venturing out of the way from the office to have lunch. If you ask me to lunch in, I will feel pretty damn depressed for the whole day because after all I don't really associate office as my 2nd home although that is the place where I spend the most of my day other than my own house. Thankfully, I have lunch buddies who think along the same line as me and one of them asked me out to try one of the latest addition in Telok Ayer area, a salad bowl restaurant named A Poke Theory. 
A Poke Theory adopts the concept of building your own salmon/ tuna chirashi bowl. Customers can choose from either lettuce, quinoa or sushi rice as the base and choose the so-called toppings along the way. Do note that certain toppings require customer to pay additional price. I was pretty hungry so I choose rice as the base and avocado miso salmon as the main. For the rest of the toppings, I just choose cherry tomatoes, edamame, cucumber, pineapple, carrots and with the premium topping, crispy salmon skin (additional 2 dollars). You can add the sauce at your own liking because the sauce bottles are put near the utensils and free water area. 
Singapore Eats: A Poke Theory, Telok Ayer

While it tastes good on the first few bites, I realise that it is kinda a struggle to finish a full bowl of chirashi because in the first place, I probably not really a devoted fan of chirashi. It is fine to eat this once in a while but I will not go for this type of food on daily basis. As the poke bowl costs me S$12.50, I think it's a wise idea not to eat this very often. #cheapo

A Poke Theory's location:

27 Boon Tat Street

Opening hours: 

Weekdays 11AM - 6PM
Saturdays 10AM - 4PM

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