Singapore Eats: Standing Sushi Bar, Marina Bay Link Mall

It has been very tiring for the last few days at work. I could not get my to-do-list done in time because there is basically so many things to do. Oh well, let's hope tomorrow will not be that bad and after all, it's Friday. I nearly missed my lunch due to some Excel malfunction but thankfully, managed to meet my lunch buddy around 12+. This timing means a nightmare to find a place to sit around Marina Bay Link Mall in Singapore. 
Standing Sushi Bar is probably the only restaurant which does not have queue in Marina Bay Link Mall. The price tag that the restaurant put for their food is after all, quite premium and can create a hole in your wallet. For instance, the cheapest food you can get here cost SGD 18. So yes, my grilled chicken teriyaki set is SGD 18. My lunch buddy's chicken karage set costs SGD 19. 
Standing Sushi Bar, Marina Bay Link Mall

On the brighter side, the grilled chicken teriyaki taste good and it is served with brown rice. The lunch set comes with side salad, miso soup, seaweed + bits of edamame, and green tea mochi. Noona was very hungry so she finished the whole thing. Taste wise - really not bad. 

Standing Sushi Bar Set Lunch Marina Bay Link Mall

If only they make the price a bit cheaper. But looking at the rate Marina Bay Link Mall charges its tenant for monthly rental, it seems unlikely for the price to go down. Life's hard. 

Standing Sushi Bar is located at: 

Marina Bay Link Mall #B2-51

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 11.30AM - 9PM
Saturday: 11.30AM - 4PM
Closed on Sunday

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