Singapore Eats: Watanabe Coffee, Orchard

Hello. I'm still alive without my Mac. Somehow. After three hours figuring out how to resurrect my Mac through all possible ways which I manage to google, the screen still shows white color, as white as a whitewalker. Cold.

Annoyed with the whole situation, I decided to just book a slot with the repair centre but tomorrow's slot is fully booked. In despair, I crawled out from my room and decided to go out with bff to grab a cuppa of coffee instead. 

Singapore eats: Watanabe Coffee, Orchard

Japanese cafe seems to pop up one after another in Singapore and bff and I often see a beeline in front of Watanabe Coffee in Orchard. We decided to give the place a try, especially when there was only two persons in front of us. Sweet!

Chillin out at Watanabe Coffee Orchard

The cafe is quite cozy to chill out especially when it's above 30 degrees out there. A lot solo cafehoppers spotted inside. Seems to be a cool cafe to do some people watching too.

Watanabe Coffee Isetan Scotts Orchard

Whenever I am not sure what to order, chances are I ended up ordering iced green tea latte. At a whopping price of 8 SGD, I kinda expect the drink to have a wow factor. But, nope, didn't feel anything out of ordinary from the green tea latte

Iced green tea latte at Watanabe Coffee Orchard

Bff's order of cafe mocha taste as bland as ever to my tastebud but bff seems to be able to drink it just fine as she's not really a sweettooth. She did say the taste is normal though. We must have been paying for the rental.

Coffee date at Watanabe Coffee Orchard

I suppose that's the price you need to pay to enjoy chillin out in a cafe in Singapore. 

Watanabe Coffee's location:

Level 1, Isetan Scotts

Opening hours:

8.30AM - 10PM
 (Friday and Saturday to 11PM)

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