Turkey Travel: Ankara Park and Radisson Blu Hotel

If you happen to stay over at Ankara and you have free time to spare, you may want to check out a public park in Ankara (not sure how safe it is at the world today since I went to Ankara back in 2013 when everything is still peaceful in Turkey). Our tour group stayed the night in Radisson Blue Hotel in Ankara and while the bus was making its way to the hotel, I saw this beautiful view from the window's bus.
Flowers of Turkey's Flag
We had to wait for a while to deal with the check-in and stuff but once we received our room keys, my brother and I were ready for adventure. I don't think it is wise to go out from the hotel just two of us in the current situation so if you'd like to walk around your hotel, I suggest to do this in group. Better be wise than sorry I suppose.
Radisson Blu Hotel in Ankara Turkey
Ankara public park is situated right opposite Radisson Hotel (because we can see the park from the balcony of our hotel room). 
Ankara Public Park Turkey
This is the view that we saw from the balcony. The park is huge and it has a big pond and some kind of mini theme park inside. The fountain never stops sprouting water. Kinda miss the peaceful days of Turkey, really.
Ankara Public Park View from Radisson Blu Hotel
When we arrived, it seems that there were some preparations being made for the show later on tonight. Not sure what it was gonna be but we assumed it got something to do with lights show.
Pond and Ferris Wheel at Ankara Park Turkey
Since the weather is so hot, we decided to buy an ice cream to share (dinner coming soon). As usual, the Turkish ice cream seller always loves to play tricks on his customers (especially tourists). My brother seems to be enjoying it though. The ice cream tastes oh so good with the three flavours: vanilla, custard and chocolate.
Turkish Ice Cream in Ankara Turkey
When the night arrived, we could see sound coming out from the pond's direction and we guessed correctly, there was light show happening in the park. We enjoyed the show from our hotel's balcony. Nice one. 
Light Show at Ankara Park Turkey
Overall, we enjoyed our stay at Radisson Blu in Ankara so if you'd like to stay in Ankara, you may want to consider this hotel as one of the options.

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