Turkey Travel: Underground Cave Restaurant at Cappadocia

Okay, I just basically spent around 15 minutes to frantically looking at what happened to Picasa. Apparently Picasa and Web Picasa have been discontinued but no fret, Google does not totally abandon the ex-Picasa user. In facts, the features are usually done by Web Picasa last time has now been replaced by Google Photos. Looks wise, they are pretty similar. Well all works well as long as I can get back my pictures.

The funny thing is this makes me realise that I still have un-posted Turkey travel related blog posts. This blog has totally gone totally unorganised like its owner. LOL. Ok please don't mind me and let's all teleport together to a restaurant in Cappadocia which is situated at Hanem Art Center. 

Turkey Travel: Underground Cave Restaurant at Cappadocia

In order to enter the restaurant, you have to go down. Literally underground. 

Turkish underground cave restaurant

Welcome to Turkey's underground cave restaurant. This kind of restaurant setting is pretty common especially in Cappadocia area. Since the restaurant is usually pretty big, it can cater to a number of tour groups. And us is one of those tour groups that day.

Turkish in an underground restaurant in Cappadocia

Even though the restaurant is situated in an underground cave, the lightings are actually pretty good. It is quite cool in the summer too.

Inside an underground cave restaurant in Cappadocia

As usual, no meal is not started by Turkish bread which I don't think I can eat anymore at this juncture of the trip.

Turkish bread

The salad, however, looks somewhat different this time. It's like a mixture of paste and yoghurt and greens and tomato thingy. Hahaha. I don't know how to explain but the taste is pretty much an acquired one.

Turkish Salad

Oh, normal mushroom cream soup. Yum.

Turkish cream soup

Grilled fish. I wonder what kind of fish is this. 

Turkish grilled fish

As usual, Indonesians always bring chili sauce everywhere and well, I don't mind it though. The grilled fish tastes better with chili sauce. Hahaha.

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