Lombok Trip Day 1: Sukarara Village, Pura Lingsar, Narmada Garden, Senggigi Beach

I have actually posted a lot of individual posts on Lombok before but realise that I've never posted a summary on Lombok itinerary for my own reference. Time to post one (and hopefully it's useful to you too).


(1) Booking flights 

Currently, your only choice of flying direct from Singapore to Lombok is Singapore Airlines (SQ). A return trip to Lombok costs around SGD 400 on average (non-promo, but I seldom see promotion on this route anyway). Return ticket from Singapore to Lombok offered by Garuda Indonesia (Indonesian national carrier) also costs around the same. Hence, it would be better to take SQ anyway since you will have to stop at Jakarta if you are taking Garuda Indonesia (sorry, my own national carrier, I'll promote you another time,ok)

(2) Booking tour

I don't really recommend travelling on a free and easy if this is your first time to Lombok because after all, Lombok has not reached the level of commercialism such as its neighbouring island, Bali. Even I, being a local, opted to take a tour which started immediately once I have landed in Lombok International Airport. 

I booked a tour with Arya Travelling (which website is nowhere to be found). That's the thing about booking a tour in Lombok. You have to have a contact to be able to get the safest and trusted tour operator. The reason of why I booked the tour with Arya Travelling is because my Mum happened to know one of the employee there (which used to be her colleague I suppose). If you'd like to, you may want to contact her at aryatravelling@gmail.com for itinerary to lombok.


(1) Sukarara Village

Sukarara Village is one of the beautiful little villages in Lombok which makes craft for a living. Lombok has a lot of beautiful traditional art including the traditional art of weaving "songket". The village is very welcoming toward tourists. Once you have entered the village, the village elder will give you a welcome shawl (instead of flower, which I don't mind because the shawl is beautiful). I am wearing the shawl in the picture below which I took in front of their traditional house. 
Sukarara Village Lombok Indonesia

Weaving is apparently a job which only allowed to be done by women in Lombok. With such tradition, most of the women in Sukarara Village works as a weaver. They are required to pass down the skill to their next generation so the women of Sukarara Village is required to learn to weave, even from early age. Nice skill, I can't even manage to sew loose button without meeting some challenges. 

Lombok traditional craft of weaving songket

 Sukarara Village is famous for its bright songket pattern. The material of the fabric is really good and smooth. You can also buy songket from Sukarara Village too (their main income, I suppose). The price of the songket differs from one piece to another based on the difficulty of the pattern and the length of the processing time. 

Songket store at Sukarara Village in Lombok

You can even try to wear the songket like how the women wear it for daily life and important events. 

Wearing songket at Sukarara Village Lombok

(2) Banyumulek Village

Did I tell you that the first day of the trip is gonna be filled with culture and tradition? Hahaha. The next place that we are about to visit is another village in Lombok named Banyumulek Village. While Sukarara is known for its weaving tradition, Banyumulek Village is famous for its pottery art. Making pottery is actually the main occupation of Sasak Lombok (one of the ancient tribes in Lombok) for ages. 

Banyumulek Village Lombok Indonesia

You can see a lot of art galleries at the left and right side of the streets. Banyumulek Village has all sorts of pottery from household wares (like pans, wok, etc), vases, tableware (coaster, utensils, etc) and even table/ wall decoration in the shape of their sacred animal, lizards. Oh yes, lizards are sacred here so don't anyhow kill them here, ok? #youhavebeenwarned

Pottery gallery at Banyumulek Village Lombok

The tour guide brought us to the backyard of the village to see the material used for the pottery. I have never known that pottery used so many eggs. Like tons of eggs.

Material for pottery art at Banyumulek Village Lombok

A few steps from the uncountable eggs, we saw the lady behind the production. The price offered for each pottery varies according to material, size, color, shape, etc. But the market for this pottery has reached international level such as Australia and New Zealand. Amazing feat from Banyumulek Village. #proudindonesian

A lady making pottery at Banyumulek Village

(3) Pura Lingsar

 We were actually having a doubt of whether we must really visit Pura Lingsar, the holiest temple in Lombok, because we were not really a temple-loving family and the previous visits to both villages had tired us out. We thought temples mostly look the same and they are boring. One of my cousins insisted that it would be a joke to visit Lombok without visiting Pura Lingsar. Convinced, we ended up going there to see. Hahaha. #easilyconvinced

Pura Lingsar in Lombok Indonesia

Pura Lingsar is actually a temple which historically shows the harmonious live of Hinduism and Islamism. Since the temple ground is holy, visitors are required to wear a yellow scarf to enter the holiest ground beyond this gate. Women who are currently having periods are not allowed inside the temple (I think the law is pretty common amongst the temples in Bali as well). 

Gate in Pura Lingsar in Lombok

The pond, Telaga Ageng, is believed to have Holy Water inside. There are a lot of visitors throwing coins inside the pond to bring good fortune. In addition to that belief, the tour guide tipped my cousins that the holy water inside supposedly has the ability to preserve youth but he only washed his hands with the water. I suppose only his hands will be forever young, then. XD

Holy water pond of Pura Lingsar Lombok

(4) Check in at Jayakarta Hotel 

Since we were practically tired from all the activities (which actually did not involve a lot of active walking or anything, it's just because the weather is so hot) and it is already 2 o'clock, the tour guide finally brought us to hotel for check-in. For the first two nights, we booked our accommodation at The Jayakarta Lombok Beach Resort and Spa. 

Location: Jalan Raya Senggigi (alongside Senggigi Beach)
Room rate: IDR 840,000 to IDR 1,600,000 per night (around SGD 84 - SGD 160)

Bedroom wise, I was going to say that the bedroom seems clean until my mother screamed because there's a big black butterfly inside the bathroom (flying around, omg). Since it Looks like some ominous scenes so we quickly called the room service to chase the butterfly out...zzzz. After the whole saga, my mother assessed the bedroom and determined that the bedroom looks kinda dark *ominous background song*. So she quickly turned into her exorcism cum cleaning mode and started pulling down the hanged art (cloth?) which makes the room gloomy. After her superb exorcism/ cleaning, the bedroom looks brighter and better. Thanks, mum! 

(Not everyone feels the same, my cousin next door immediately took a nap with the window door opened without having any sense of ominousity).

Deluxe Bedroom at The Jayakarta Lombok Beach Resort & Spa

Hotel guests will have private access to Senggigi Beach so you don't have to walk very far in the morning for the sunrise or in the evening for the sunset. The sunset from Senggigi Beach is very amazing (will post about this later) so the private beach access is really worthwhile. There are swimming pools too (both adult and kids size pools) inside the resort compound. 

Senggigi Beach from The Jayakarta Lombok Resort

(5) Sunset watching at Senggigi Beach

The tour guide supposed to meet us at 5PM but my big family turned out to be those that could not "stay still" for more than two hours. My aunt started calling us out around that timing because she saw the tour guide was actually at the hotel lobby (poor guy, he must be thinking he deserved another hour of break). He's nice enough to move forward the schedule by one hour though he warned us there may be nothing much to do at the viewing point while waiting for the sun to set. 

...he's pretty right after all. 

At least there's a hut where you can sit if you get tired of standing while waiting for the sun to set. Other than that, oh look, roasted corn sellers! peanut sellers! We have turned into food as means against boredom...LOL. Roasted nuts and corns are two of the yummy snacks which you can buy from the local sellers residing in the area. May help to divert your attention from the long waiting hours (sun sets around 7PM in Lombok). 

Sunset viewpoint at Senggigi Beach

Thanks to this "eagerness" to come out from the hotel, I have a complete collections of the Lombok's sun for every hour from 4 to 7PM.

Sun's position at 4PM. 

Sun at 4PM from Senggigi Beach Lombok

Sun's position at 5PM. 

Sun's position at 5PM from Senggigi Beach

Sun's position at 6PM ~ my favourite pic!

Sun's position at 6PM from Senggigi Beach

Sun's position at 7PM (bye sun).

Sunset at Senggigi Beach Lombok

 After the sun had set, we went out for dinner and we tried the famous local dish, Ayam Betutu (Re: Betutu Chicken) which taste a bit like curry chicken. Yummy but I did not have any picture of it sadly. Shortly after, we went back to hotel to end day 1.


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