Singapore Eats: Al Frank's Cookies, Kampung Glam

Hello! How has Saturday been? Saturday has been pretty low-key for me but well, I enjoy some me-time so that's actually quite nice. A nice low-key Saturday, if this is a correct way to describe the first half of the day. Hahaha. I was actually trying to rehab my sprained ankle by walking for a bit farther like 5km but in the end I only managed to walk 3km (not even enough to gain Eeves candy) before hunger strikes. Sometimes this happen right?

If you feel like nibbling when you are around Haji Lane area, you may want to pop by Al' Frank Cookies.

Singapore Eats: Al Frank Cookies, Kampung Glam

I first know about these cookies from my health-conscious colleague. She brought a few packs and bring it to office as her snacks but she's nice enough to let us try a few cookies.

Inside Al Frank Cookies Kampung Glam

Initially I thought  Al' Frank Cookies is not just a cookie store. But, There's not even a cake inside the store. Purely cookies. A bit like Famous Amos I suppose.

Cookies Store, Al Frank at Kampung Glam

Looks like Al' Frank is pretty popular looking at the amount of cookies left on the display. The price is based on how heavy you want your cookie bag to be. 100 grams already costs 8 SGD though. 

Cookies sold at Al Frank Cookies, Kampung Glam

I like the earl grey cookies so I proceeded to buy just 100 grams of these cookies (sorry, don't earn that much for cookies...haha). They are quite yummy and I do feel that these cookies are healthier (probably less butter or sugar used) but still, the price is kinda too steep for me to eat Al' Frank cookies often. Oops.

Earl Grey Cookies from Al Frank Kampung Glam

Al' Frank Cookies is located at 12 Haji Lane, Bugis. 

Opening hours:

11.30AM - 7.30PM everyday

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