Singapore Eats: Brotzeit, Vivo City

Monday does give different vibe if you don't have to come to office to work. Since it's quite rare for us in Singapore to enjoy public holiday, I think it is just right to enjoy this day to the max. And what's a better way to enjoy an off day rather than have yourself a glass of iced cold beer. Since we know the theme for today's adventure is booze, we made our way to a restaurant where we can get German beer for ourselves, Brotzeit.

Singapore Eats: Brotzeit, Vivo City

Other than the beer, Brotzeit is quite well-known for its pork knuckle. Please note that the size of the pork knuckle is quite big and it is definitely more than enough for two persons. Do not order the platter if there are only two of you. Ever. You can order a platter if there are at least 4 of you (the next table has 4 guys and they order a platter, sounds right?). 

Oh right, the pork knuckle taste quite good though and turns out, I can eat sauerkraut and it goes pretty well with the pork knuckle. To be honest with you, I also enjoy eating the crispy pork skin *gasp*. \*O*/

Pork Knuckle at Brotzeit Vivo City

But but, there are so many other dishes that we'd like to try. Brotzeit is definitely cruel to solo-diner, really. Well since we have two mouths, it would not hurt to order another dish, right? Wrong! The other dish, the cheese spatzle is also quite big but oh my gawd, this dish is so good. I am a fan of cheese and what's better than cheese is hot melted cheese on something which taste like pasta (like gnocchi thing). Faint. 

Cheese Spatzle from Brotzeit Vivo City

I have a dream of eating the whole cheese spatzle by myself after this round of dinner at Brotzeit. LOL. 

Brotzeit is located at various shopping malls like Vivo City (the one that we went), Raffles City and 313 Somerset. 

Opening hours:

Monday - Thursday: 12PM to 12AM
Friday - Saturday: 12PM to 1AM
Sunday: 11AM to 11PM

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