Singapore Eats: Cake Spade, Tanjong Pagar

Three days after the "accident", my sprained ankle is still (a) swollen and now (b) bruised. A total pekchek (re: frustrating) for me because in Singapore, your ability to walk comfortably is crucial for your survival. Arghh man. I've gathered my ointment (i.e. Voltaren and Trombophob gel) to survive through this ordeal and let's hope for a quick recovery. Amen!

Okay ranting aside, cafe-hopping adventure must go on despite this injury (since I am all committed and that). Our cafe hopping spot for the day is a fancy cake store called Cake Spade, which is situated at the hipster Duxton area around Tanjong Pagar.

Singapore Eats: Cake Spade, Tanjong Pagar

Cake Spade (pretty creative name, I must say) sells cakes and not bags, obviously. The range of cake that Cake Spade offers is quite comprehensive from cheese cake to variety of chocolate cakes. 

Cakes display at Cake Spade Tanjong Pagar

Cake Spade also offeres brownies and some crumbles. 

Brownie, crumble and pudding at Cake Spade Tanjong Pagar

More and more cakes. Matcha, lemon, red velvet...the list goes on.

More cakes at Cake Spade Tanjong Pagar

After a few minutes of confusion (can't decide, as always), we ended up chosing a slice of classic Black Forest. Fancy table, fancy plate. Perfect for picture taking. The black forest tastes quite good. We can feel the taste of rum inside too. 

Blackforest Cake at Cake Spade Tanjong Pagar

Since it seems that Cake Spade is famous for the cheesetart, we tried one of its fancy cheesetarts, the lemon cheese tart. Taste-wise, it is pretty disappointing because we could not really feel the taste of the cheese inside the cake. Quite a let down, I must say.

Blackforest and Cheesecake at Cake Spade

The next time I come to Cake Spade again, I probably will stick with the chocolate cakes. 

Cake Spade's address:

83 Tanjong Pagar Road

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday: 12PM - 9.30PM
Friday and Saturday: 12PM - 10.30PM
Closed on Sundays

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