Singapore Eats: Doi Chaang Coffee, Rochester Mall

 I just barely escaped a very painful and humiliating situation last night. So I am currently into this Pokemon-Go thing (like many people around the world), and Bulbasaur like suddenly appeared. While I was busy throwing balls at Bulba, I didn't realise that there are two steps of stairs in front of me and I totally lost my balance. To withstand the fall (or to be exact, near-fall situation), my left leg went into self-defense mechanism and sustain the whole body (plus the bag). As a result, I twisted my ankle. Ouch.

I google for first aid treatment and the page landed me into this R.I.C.E solution which starts with R for Rest your ankle, which is totally impossible if you live in Singapore, all by yourself. Crap. For instance, the next day, which is today where I'm supposed to walk less, I've walked for like more than 10k steps, really great great great walking system here Singapore. Oh well, I'm grateful enough that I could still walk despite the pain so I hope nothing's serious here. I did an X-ray and guess what, must wait for another 3 days to hear what the doctor gotta say about the result. Faintz. Don't ever got into emergency medical situation in Singapore. You may end up dead before getting any procedure done. Serious.

Okay, time to induce some sweet into this arduous post. Sorry about the rant above.

Singapore Eats: Doi Chaang Coffee, Rochester Mall

I suppose cake post will help me going through this painful process of recovery. Hahaha. Maybe I should just go to Doi Chaang again (omg, but I need to walk there) to eat their Mille Crepe (cool name for layered Doi Chaang is supposedly famous for their coffee though because they serve authentic (and stronger) Thai coffee. I came to the cafe at around 5PMish on a Sunday so caffeine intake at that timing is definitely a NO NO. A lot of good review praise Doi Chaang's coffee though so maybe you can try. I tried the famous Hokkaido Milk Chocolate Mille Crepe and it is quite good. I love creamy stuff so this cake totally can pass in my book.

Hokkaido Chocolate Milk Crepes from Doi Chaang

The vanilla one is not bad either but I enjoy Hokkaido Milk Chocolate Mille Crepe more. The texture will slightly melt if you keep chatting without eating your food, like what happened in my visit to Doi Chaang. Hahaha.

Vanilla Mille Crepe from Doi Chaang

Doi Chaang only has limited seats indoor so you must be prepared to sit outside during peak hours. However, Doi Chaang provides complimentary ice water which you can self-serve inside the cafe. 

Mille Crepes from Doi Chaang Rochester

Doi Chaang's address:

35 Rochester Drive, #01-08

Opening hours:

8AM - 8PM Everyday

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