Singapore Eats: Full of Luck Club, Holland Village

A lot of people complain about the lack of weekend entertainment in Singapore. But if you are a foodie, I seriously think you will never get bored in this tiny island. The foodie scene in Singapore is ever-changing. If the restaurants are not popular, they won't be able to sustain their business (thanks to the sky-rocketing rental to bear, I suppose) and hence, quickly get replaced by another restaurants in the pipeline. Like this time, my dinner buddy and I were actually just wandering along Holland Village until we spotted Full of Luck Club replacing what-used-to-be...oh great, we forgot. Hahaha. Never mind, we should not dwell too long in the past anyway.

Singapore Eats: Full of Luck Club, Holland Village

Full of Luck Club is apparently a Fusion Cantonese restaurants. Okay, I am not pretty clear on what is categorised as Cantonese dishes but since people from Hong Kong speaks Cantonese so I suppose Cantonese dishes should be pretty much originated from Hong Kong (or maybe, its brother, China?). Anyway, it's a fusion restaurant so Full of Luck Club has its own touch to the dishes like claypots, rice, noodle, dim sum and even bao.  We ordered a chicken mushroom claypot to share because we wanted to have dessert later on at the nearby Sunday Folks. Hehe. The claypot is so-so. Not bad and yet, not really fantastic.

Chicken Mushroom Claypot at Full of Luck Club

A visit to Full of Luck will not be completed without ordering their speciality mini steamed bun (re: bao). You can get two bao(s) for the price of SGD 9.80 so we just gave them a try. There are various filling to choose for but we decided to go for the salted egg yolk prawn bao and Kung Bao fried chicken bao. The bao(s) are quite nice when eaten hot. Snap them quickly and put them into your mouth to make sure they are not cold when eaten. Nom~~~

Mini Bao from Full of Luck Club

After we had settled our bill, the cashier gave us fortune cookie. I forgot what message that I got though. Hahaha.

Fortune Cookies at Full of Luck Club

Full of Luck Club is located at 243 Holland Avenue, Singapore. 
Opening hours:

Sun - Thurs: 11AM - 11PM
Fri & Sat: 11AM - 1AM

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