Singapore Eats: Hashtag 88 Cafe & Bar, Tanjong Pagar

Hello! May I know what do you guys usually do on a weekend in Singapore? It seems that all I did was cafe-hopping. Thankfully there are a lot of cafes in Singapore. Otherwise, I really don't know what I'm supposed to do on a weekend. Although hiding in my own room while watching K-dramas sound good too (oh wait, there's no air-con during the day due to the landlord's houserule, arghh!). Okay, scrap that staying at home plan. We are going out today~~~

So far, it seems that my plan to conquer all cafes in Singapore is going pretty smooth. Today we are going to visit the more hidden cafe (i.e. those cafe which does not really have a lot of review in Burpple) just like Hashtag 88 Cafe & Bar. This is quite a suprise though as the cafe is actually located in Tanjong Pagar. Wait, I don't think I came here on a weekend as the cafe closes on Sunday and I don't remember coming to Tanjong Pagar on Saturday. Hmm...

Singapore Eats: Hashtag 88 Cafe & Bar, Tanjong Pagar

Oh right, I came here on a public holiday (Monday). Although technically Tanjong Pagar is pretty much quieter when the office crowd is not working, there was noone inside the cafe when we visited. Omo. O_O. I suppose that just means we can just sit anywhere we like to sit. #feelinglikearealconqueror

Hashtag 88 Cafe and Bar at Tanjong Pagar

I checked out the cake display but there are not many cakes to choose from. Too bad I'm not really a fan of rainbow cakes (kinda skeptical a bit on the coloring). Hashtag 88 Cafe & Bar seems to have a pretty good collection of liquours though. The name does mention that they are a cafe and a bar at the same time so there's drink for everybody. Hehe. 

Cakes display at Hashtag 88 Cafe & Bar

Coffee and gelati menu in the midst of other wall decoration. It was raining when I came so I was not really in the mood of gelato but coffee, that's a different story. 

Interior design of Hashtag 88 Cafe & Bar

Ordered myself a cup of cafe mocha. Coffee art does not seem to be a service offered by the cafe. Hahaha. Taste-wise, I don't have to add anymore sugar to the coffee and that means good, because I can only drink slightly sweet coffee. My friend ordered latte and she seems to enjoy it as well. Coffee - okay. 

Cafe Mocha at Hashtag 88 Cafe and Bar

Next, we are going to conquer the main dishes offered in Hashtag 88 Cafe & Bar. Let's start with my friend's order, chicken chop. The chicken chop comes with a quite big portion of potato wedges and a side of greens (which is untouched by my friend who is not a salad eater at all). Initially I thought the sauce is black pepper sauce but it turns out to be barbeque sauce (slightly taste like Aston's). Chicken chop's taste is ok, pretty good but nothing extraordinary.

Chicken Chop at Hashtag 88 Cafe & Bar

Hashtag 88 Cafe & Bar has its daily special which changes every day (well, it is called daily I suppose). That day's special is fish and chips. I suppose fish & chips is one of the dishes which cannot go wrong and yup, the fish & chips taste not bad. Kinda satisfy my craving for fried fish. Hahaha. 

Fish & Chips from Hashtag 88 Cafe & Bar

If you are looking for a quiet cafe to discuss something serious, you will like the ambience at Hashtag 88 Cafe & Bar because it's really quiet when we came that day (not sure if the ambience stays the same on weekday lunchtime though). The price are quite reasonable, competitive with other cafes in Singapore.

Hashtag 88 Cafe and Bar's address: 

 88 Tanjong Pagar Road

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday: 11.30AM - 10.30PM
Friday and Saturday: 11.30AM - 12.00AM

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