Singapore Eats: Laurent's Cafe, Robinsons Orchard

I start to run out of new eating places to explore especially in Orchard area. But that's exactly when I realise that I have not really explored the foodie section inside the new Robinsons which replaced what used to be the Heeren. You can find three restaurants in the basement level of Robinsons, Sushi Goshin, Gyoza-ya, and Laurent's Cafe. Since we are here for Sunday brunch, we decided to explore Laurent's Cafe since they serve all day breakfast items.

Singapore Eats: Laurent's Cafe, Robinsons Orchard

Laurent's Cafe...the name does sound familiar like Laurent Bernard's Chocolatier! My guess is proven correct as both the cafe and the chocolatier belongs to Laurent Bernard group in Singapore. I've been to the chocolatier in Robertson Quay and the chocolate lava cake was awesome. 

Laurent's Cafe at Robinsons Orchard

If you want to taste Laurent Bernard's cakes, you can get it here at Laurent's Cafe. While Laurent Bernard is well known for the chocolate cakes, they also have other variety of cakes like lemon tart. 

Cake display at Laurent's Cafe Robinsons Orchard

And the cute white cake which I'm still curious until today what's it made of. We were too full of eggs that day and there were no more space for cakes in our tummy. The cakes sold by Laurent's Cafe costs SGD 10 on average though. I know, it is not cheap to eat cakes here in Singapore *sobs*

Chocolate cake display at Laurent's Cafe Robinsons Orchard

Let's explore the brunch items, shall we? Laurent's Cafe offers variety of brunch dishes like Eggs Benedict, Croque Monsieur, Cottage Pie, Farmer Breakfast (which consists of sausages, scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, etc) and Nordic Breakfast (smoked salmon involved!). If you are bored with brunch, there are also other main dishes such as pasta and meat based dishes. I am a weakling against anything with the words "Eggs Benedict" so without further surprise, here is my order, the Iberico Eggs Benedict. Well, at least this time around there's iberico ham in my Eggs Benedict instead of normal ham. LOL. I seriously think any ham works well with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, really. Salad taste ok, at least it makes the dish look pretty and makes me healthier too. 

Iberico Eggs Benedict from Laurent's Cafe

The highlight of the meal is gotta be my brunch buddy's order, the HUMONGOUS Croque Monsieur. The size of the Croque Monsieur is as big as my face, I think. Despite the size, the croque monsieur is so yummy, I ended up eating two pieces of my brunch buddy's Croque Monsieur. #greedyme 

Croque Monsieur from Laurent's Cafe

Overall, Laurent's Cafe provides a great atmosphere for chilling out with friends (or even alone). The brunch dishes are quite nice. Price wise, I suppose they are pretty similar to Wild Honey's price range (sigh, brunch is not cheap here). But, there is a way to get 10% discount from Laurent's Cafe...curious?

How to get 10% discount:

(a) Install the app "Eatigo"
(b) Register
(c) Reserve a table before you dine in at Laurent's Cafe 
(d) Mention to the waiter/waitress that you are booking a table via Eatigo upon payment

Operating hours:

9AM - 10PM Daily

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