Singapore Eats: Lunch at Harry's, Marina Bay Financial Centre

Hello! It's finally Friday (near Saturday actually by the time I blog about this post...haha). Lately I'm pretty much grateful when I'm able to pass day by day and reach weekend again. I wonder why work is that tough for me. Hahaha. A friend pointed out that he recently enjoys his lunchtime so much by being a happy foodie (despite the fact that he has to eat by himself in order to eat at a particular restaurant that he likes). That kinda makes me want to try to but when there's lunch buddy, it's time to eat at places where it's kinda hard to eat alone. For instance, I don't really see people eating alone at Harry's. So let's have lunch here while you still have lunch buddies (believe me, they have to be cherished!).

There are three of us so we just ordered two main courses since one of the main courses is pizza. This is the first time I eat in Harry's despite its location being pretty near my office. I suppose I am more food court-kind of girl especially when it's so near yet so far to payday. Lunch buddy #1 feels like having something different than his usual caesar salad so he ordered lamb shank. Whoa. It surprisingly yummy and not tough to eat. I always have impression that lamb meat is hard to eat. Impression destroyed. Good job, Harry's.

Singapore Eats: Lunch at Harry's, Marina Bay Financial Centre

The mushroom pizza turns out to be a choice that we never regret. I kinda wonder what did Harry's put inside this pizza because as far as my eyes can see, the pizza is filled with mushroom and mushroom (okay, there's cheese and some arugula leaves, but still...). I seldom praise vegetarian pizza but the mushroom pizza at Harry's taste good up to the point I don't believe vegetarian dishes are healthy. Hehe. 

Mushroom pizza at Harry's Marina Bay Financial Centre

If you are working near MBFC or have a meeting nearby, you can visit Harry's at: 

8A Marina Boulevard, Marina Bay
(right opposite Dimbulah)

Opening hours:

Monday to Wednesday: 11.30AM - 11PM
Thursday and Friday: 11.30AM - 1AM
 Close on Saturday and Sunday

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