Singapore Eats: Pompompurin Cafe Singapore, Orchard Central

 I'm so glad it's already Thursday because that means I finally can watch another episode of W - Two Worlds, my current K-drama obsession. W is not really a cup of tea for many people but the drama is totally my genre. Dark with a bit of rom-com. I need to eat de-stress on weekend to recover from the after-effect of watching W. #exaggerated 
Right, if you are looking to destress by having a meal with your friend at a cute cafe, you may want to go to Pompompurin Cafe, the themed cafe situated at Orchard Central. The cafe is themed around Pompompurin, the cute golden retriever created by Sanrio.

Singapore Eats: Pompompurin Cafe Singapore, Orchard Central

When the cafe just opened, the queue was so crazy long (as usual, everything new in Singapore tends to attract long queue). But when we came here on Sunday afternoon (2-ish), there is practically only one family of 3 queuing in front of us. My lunch buddy and I only needed to wait for 10 minutes before the cute waitresses ushered us in to our table.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Entrance

There is giant Pompompurin with his cute friends in the middle of the cafe. A perfect photo-spot I suppose?

Inside Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Orchard Central

Everything about this cafe screams cute. The menu, the table cover, the tissue wrap. #hyperventilating

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Menu

Okay, let's keep calm and start to take a look at the menu. Pompompurin Cafe does not offer a lot of choices but each menu is decorated with of course, none other than Pompompurin himself. It will be a pity not ordering dishes which feature Pompompurin in the most obvious way so we have to consider our choice of dishes carefully.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Food Menu

After the choices have been made, we have few minutes to kill and hence, started to observe our surroundings. There is Pompompurin plush toy laying around just beside my lunch buddy. I think the plush toy has been touched by I-don't-know how many customers so yea, if you are a clean-freak, you should just take his picture from a safe distance. LOL.

Pompompurin Plush in Pompompurin Cafe Singapore

Cute decoration on the wall to make customers feel like they are dining in Pompompurin's house. Oh yesh, the seats are designed in Pompompurin's face complete with his trademark headpiece.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Interior

Here comes our orders. The first one is Taco Rice in a Cup of Friendship. There is nothing special about the cup or the tacos but the yellow rice is shaped in Pompompurin's shape. The sour cream is designed like Pompompurin's friend (or cat? but can a dog own a cat? okay, I dunno).

Taco Rice in a Cup of Friendship at Pompompurin Cafe Singapore

The next dish that we ordered is Pompompurin's Beef Stroganoff. The rice used seems to be the same as the above but you can still see Pompompurin's face here. The beef is used as his headpiece. I have to say the dish is pretty creative. Hahaha.

Beef Stroganoff at Pompompurin Cafe Singapore

I used to have a pretty skeptical impression of food served in a themed cafe but I really enjoy the tacos rice. The beef stroganoff on the other side taste pretty average. Picture-wise, both of the dishes are worth to be Instragrammed. 

Pompompurin Cafe is located at:

#04-08 Orchard Central

Pompompurin Cafe's opening hours:

11AM - 10.30PM Everyday

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