Singapore Eats: Quinoa Bowl at the Populus Coffee & Food Co, Outram Park

It's not easy to hang out in a cafe where your hangout buddy is a health-conscious person. If you bring him or her to a normal cafe which serves sugary desserts like cakes, cupcakes, muffin, ice cream, etc (but sugar makes me happy, whee!), he/ she will end up staring at you eating that cake throughout the meal. Well, maybe they can endure the whole ordeal while sipping their black coffee or tea with no sugar. Hahaha okay, kidding let's not be that cruel to our healthy friends. In fact, we should probably start adopting their diet into our cafe-hopping activity (what? are you freaking kidding me?).

Nowadays, there are many cafes out there in Singapore which serves healthy food. If you happen to hang out around the recently-hipster Outram Park area, you may want to try chilling out at the Populus Coffee & Co. My cafe-hopping buddy and I reached the cafe  around 8-ish on a Friday night and thankfully there is no queue in sight. As what the name suggests, we started to browse through the drink menu (coffees and their friends). I did not want to risk staying awake throughout the night so I opted for a sleep-friendlier option, Mork Chocolate. The drink is served inside a bottle which kinda looks like cough syrup bottle. It tastes pretty good, not too sweet and not too bitter either.

Note: What is Mork? Mork is actually a chocolate brand from Australia. I suppose the Populus Coffee & Co. purchases Mork's chocolate beans for their chocolate drink.

Singapore Eats: Quinoa Bowl at the Populus Coffee and Co, Outram Park

Cafe-hopping buddy ordered iced flat white which is also served inside a bottle, a taller and slimmer one compared to my chocolate cough syrup bottle. Quite creative concept, I have to say. The use of these kind of bottles kinda gives a quirky vibe to the cafe. 

Chocolate Drink at The Populus Coffee & Co

Healthy food lover rejoices as the Populus Coffee & Co has a healthy range of grain bowl. It is not the choose-and-mix type of grain bowl like what Grain Traders offers though. The combination of the ingredients served inside the bowl are fixed but you can choose a variety of mains. Based on my observation on my grain bowl and my cafe-hopping buddy's bowl, the only differences are the meat and the rice base. Mine is the pulled pork grain bowl (which is served with quinoa, hidden under all those ingredients) while my cafe-hopping buddy ordered chicken grain bowl (which is served with brown rice instead). 

Pulled pork quinoa bowl at the Populus Coffee & Co

The beauty of grain bowl is you don't have to order anything else after that because you are most likely super full after finishing a bowl. The sad part of eating grain bowl is you don't have space for dessert. I just treated my chocolate drink as dessert then, in liquid form. Hahaha.

Populus Coffee & Co's address: 

146 Neil Road, Singapore

Nearest MRT: Outram Park

Trading hours: 

Mon & Wed: 9AM - 7PM
Thurs - Fri: 9AM - 10.30PM
Sat: 9.30AM - 10.30PM
Sun: 9.30AM - 7PM

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