Singapore Eats: Sushi Tei, Vivo City

I am so happy my bae is finally back in Singapore after spending 5 days 4 nights holiday in Bali. Thanks to the technology (i.e. internet connection), we are still chatting using LINE as if we are in Singapore. She even bought me some Balinese snacks. Yum. No wonder we are best friends. Hahaha. 
To celebrate her return (and the weekend of course), we had our usual Saturdate eating Japanese cuisine at Sushi Tei. Needless to say, Sushi Tei's outlet could be find practically anywhere in Singapore and it is famous for its long line. But it's okay, we have enough Magikarp and Rattata to catch anyway (Why can't I find Pikachu?). After we got our table, we immediately made our order and pick our favourite sushi from the sushi train, the salmon aburi sushi. I have never found better sushi than this which involved salmon aburi (okay, I am more of a fan of modern sushi which utilise the use of sauce instead of the original sushi from Japan which only use rice and raw fish). The crunchy bits are really nice too.
Salmon aburi sushi from Sushi Tei

Both of us are missing the Japanese curry rice so much. Japanese curry is pretty different from Indian and Indonesian curry. It has a hint of sweetness and yet, pretty thick. If you want to recreate some Japanese curry, I guess it's easy to use curry blocks from the supermarket although I really don't know which brand is nice. Chicken katsu curry from Sushi Tei tastes heavenly especially since they use Japanese rice. My ultimate weakness I have to say. 

Chicken Katsu Curry Rice from Sushi Tei

We ate the snack that my bae brought from Bali as dessert. It looks pretty similar to those dessert which I usually find in wet market in Jakarta. Texture wise, very chewy with a lot of coconut and cheese on it. This kinda makes me miss home. :(

Ongol ongol Indonesian cake

Sushi Tei can be found at major shopping malls in Singapore like Vivo City, Raffles City, and Paragon.

Opening hours:

Everyday 11.30AM - 10PM

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