Singapore Eats: Whisk Cafe SG, Tiong Bahru

One can plan about how a day should go but variables exist. For instance, I plan to go home at 5.30PM sharp but discussion, work, work, discusion, before you know it, it's already 6+. My goodness. Work just never ends. But, thanks God it's Friday and the good thing about Friday is, there is something to look forward to after work just like a hop into a nice little cafe in Tiong Bahru area, Whisk Cafe.

Singapore Eats: Whisk Cafe SG, Tiong Bahru

The best selling item in Whisk seems to be a pastry named Bostock, which kinda looks like an almond toast. The pastry originates in France and Google has explained to me that it is an almond frangipane (what?) tops day old brioche. Uhh okay, whatever it is, the Bostock looks good and they taste good too. Yummy.

Bostock at Whisk Cafe SG Tiong Bahru

It was already near 7 when I reached Whisk and hence, my caffeine-weak-self did not dare to order coffee or tea. Ended up with none other than a cup of hot chocolate. It looks so freaking good and my cafehopping buddy soon followed suit. Hahaha.

Hot Chocolate at Whisk Cafe SG Tiong Bahru

You can do some people watching right from the window although to be honest, not many people walking past here. Well, you can just focus your eyes on the glorious-looking Strawberry Shortcake instead. Two layers of sponges, strawberry with fresh cream and topped with another layer of cream and a tiny bit of strawberry. Sweet and light, just how I love my Strawberry Shortcake.

Strawberry Shortcake at Whisk Cafe SG Tiong Bahru

Whisk Cafe is a very comfortable place to chit chat the night away, partly because there are not many patrons and the ambience is pretty relaxing. A good spot for a sharing session of secrets. *wink*

Cake and Chocolate at Whisk Cafe SG Tiong Bahru

Whisk Cafe is situated at 58 Seng Poh Road, Tiong Bahru. 

Opening hours:

Tuesday - Thursday: 9AM - 7PM
Friday - Saturday: 9AM - 11PM
Sunday: 9AM - 9PM
Closed on Monday

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