Jakarta Eats: Yum cha at May Star Restaurant, Central Park

I suddenly miss my hometown. Not sure why but I suppose it has been a while since the last time I went home and eat dim sum at May Star Restaurant, one of the yummiest yum cha restaurant that I often visit in my hometown, Jakarta. May Star Restaurant is situated at the basement level of Central Park, a popular shopping mall in West Jakarta. Every Saturday and Sunday, the restaurant is always swarmed by customers since morning. I think the taste of the dim sum here is comparable to those yummy dim sum at Hong Kong. So yeah, the restaurant is definitely a non-halal restaurant. 
Some of the popular dim sum dishes served at May Star Restaurant:
Siew Mai -  The steamed pork and prawn dumpling is always a must order at May Star Restaurant. The prawns are big and juicy. My most favourite dim sum item in my whole life. 
Yum cha at Maystar, Central Park

Har Gaw - Another type of prawn dumpling. Har Gaw is a shrimp crystal steamed dumpling. Two main indicators of how good a har gaw are (a) the size and juiciness of the shrimp and (b) the quality of the crystal skin. The skin must be thin and translucent and yet, sturdy. I think Har Gaw is a work of art and May Star executes this piece very well.

Har Gaw at Maystar Central Park

Green Bean Fritter - Basically a fried bun filled with green bean fillings. Best consumed while they are still hot. The savory flavor of the crusty dough blend well with the sweet fillings of green bean. 

Green Bean Fritter at Maystar Central Park

Lotus Steamed Buns - My mother's favourite. Always insisted on ordering them despite not being able to finish eating them. The good thing is, lotus steamed buns can be easily packed home and it is perfectly fine to reheat and consume them the next day. 

Lotus Buns at Maystar Central Park

Lo Ma Gai - The glutinous rice filled with meats and wrapped inside leaves. Since it is basically rice type dim sum, lo mai gai is very very filling. Another one of my mother's favourite, she really sounds like a carbo-person, huh? (and yet, she's not fat, lucky her).

Yum cha breakfast at Maystar Central Park

May Star Restaurant's location

Central Park Mal, Level Basement

Opening hours:

Mon to Sat: 10AM - 10PM
Sunday: 8AM - 10PM

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