Singapore Eats: Bliss House, Central Clarke Quay

While sourcing for a dinner venue for a friend's bachelorette party (there goes another single friend, sobs!), the sourcing party (i.e. another friend and I) have gotten curious about a fairytale themed restaurant, Blisshouse. The restaurant is situated at Clarke Quay Central, a shopping mall just beside the Singapore river. With this kind of setting, the sourcing party's interest was immediately piqued and there we goes inside...

Singapore Eats: Bliss House, Central Clarke Quay

Blisshouse seems to throw the concept of fairytale/ garden party/ tea party concept under one roof. If you are looking for a place to celebrate birthday/ humble wedding, you may want to consider Blisshouse. You can even invite the brown bear family to your wedding. Papa Bear looks too big for his chair. Poor papa.

Bliss House Themed Restaurant Clarke Quay

Right at the restaurant's door step, there is a horse carriage (the Cinderella style + flowers), a lot of girls taking picture inside the carriage but I feel the whole set up screams "girly". I can't even...(I am not even a tomboy one). Hahaha.

Horse carriage in Bliss House Clarke Quay

Right, the sourcing party is now back to their seats and ready to order some food. Blisshouse serves a variety of pasta, pizza, and meat-based mains. The restaurant also have kids meal so I suppose you can also have birthday celebration for children here. They will probably run here and there to check out the restaurant though (cause I do the same without running).

Food menu at Bliss House Central Clarke Quay

After we have ordered our food, the sourcing party's curiosity adventure continued. There is a love corner behind the bunny couple who just got married. The area was not open when we dine in though. The restaurant is pretty huge I must say.

Couple corner at Bliss House Clarke Quay

If you prefer to have your dinner/ party at the less garden-ish area, the next section of the restaurant adopts luxury/vintage house style. It's like inviting guests to dine at your own house despite the fact that this is not your house. Well, I would not choose such a gaudy sofa for my own house, that's for sure.

Beautiful House Setting Bliss House Clarke Quay

White cabinets with grandfather clock. The cabinets are filled with a lot of teddy bear. Cute max.

Decoration at Bliss House Clarke Quay

The food has finally arrived to the sourcing party's table. This is my Prawn Tempura Arabiatta. Although Blisshouse puts the "chili" sign near to the dish's name in the menu, I was actually pretty skeptical about the spicy level. Turns out, this pasta is really really spicy without being too spicy (can I call it shiok-level of spicy?). Prawn tempura is definitely not cooked in Sushi Tei's way but thankfully, they are crispy enough and go well with the pasta. 

Tempura Prawn Arabiatta from Bliss House

The pan fried barramundi looks pretty much simpler and healthier than my pasta. Under the fish, there is a bed of mashed potato. The sauce tastes good and blend well with the fish. Yummy (keep taking a bite from buddy's dinner).

Pan seared barramundi from Bliss House Clarke Quay

Blisshouse Theme Restaurant's location: 

6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-21
Clarke Quay Central

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday, Sunday - 12PM to 10PM
Friday and Saturday - 12PM to 11PM

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