Singapore Eats: Cafe & Meal Muji, Raffles City

I officially need a holiday. Partly because I am so tired of working and partly because I have 10 days to clear within 2 months. But the annoying part passport is due for renewal soon and there are not many countries willing to issue visa with an expiring soon passport. This Indonesian passport is a total bummer (but I still love my country nonetheless) but oh well, I suppose it's a sign for me to save money by travelling to my own beloved country. How about Bali? Hmm...

While thinking about my holiday plan, I should fuel up myself since I have worked so hard today. I finally had the chance to visit Cafe & Meal Muji which is situated inside well...Muji at level 2 of Raffles City. Cafe & Meal Muji promotes simple food consists of natural ingredients for a nutritious well-balanced meal (exact words from its website). The cafe offers pick and mix ordering system. However, you can also go for its ala-carte options. I went for the selection of 3 deli (SGD 12.90) which comes with a bowl of rice.

Singapore Eats: Cafe & Meal Muji, Raffles City

For the selection of 3 deli, you can choose 2 cold deli and 1 hot deli complete with a choice of bread or rice. I opted for grilled salmon, frittata (egg-tofu dish) and salad with half piece of daikon. Despite its simple looks, the meal was pretty much satisfying and I love the brown rice so much. If only it costs cheaper than SGD 10, I will keep on coming back here for dinner.

Deli selection at Cafe Muji in Raffles City

My dining buddy ordered one of the ala-carte menus, butter curry chicken served with rice (SGD 14.90). I tried a piece of the chicken and it taste pretty good and the curry taste pretty clean without being too rich. 

Butter curry chicken at Cafe & Meal Muji

So glad I have another option if I want to eat something involving grain/ brown rice in City Hall. 

Cafe & Meal Muji's address: 

252 North Bridge Road, #02-020/022
Raffles City
Opening hours:

Daily 10AM - 10PM

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