Singapore Eats: Common Man Coffee Roasters, Robertson Quay

My mother often asks me why I work so hard. And yet, whenever I complaint about my work, she goes into her wise-man (or woman?) mode and told me that there are no easy jobs out there. She even goes deeper in her wisdom mode and tells me that the best work in the world is doing what you enjoy the most. The problem is what I enjoy the most is cafe-hopping. And that needs money, unless I can get rich from drinking coffee and eating cakes (hmm, maybe some food bloggers can?).

With all being said, let's check out the next cafe on the list, Common Man Coffee Roasters. If you want to come to Common Man Coffee Roasters by walking, I think it is way faster to reach the cafe if you walk from Somerset MRT instead from Clarke Quay MRT (our big mistake). But anyway, there is no heat of the sun which could stop us from brunch-ing at Common Man Coffee Roasters.

Singapore Eats: Common Man Coffee Roasters, Robertson Quay

We were pretty freaked out when spotting a queue line in front of Common Man Coffee Roasters' door but very quickly calmed ourselves down because the queue moved along pretty fast. Phew. We sweat a lot from the long walk from Clarke Quay to Martin Road and hence, really grateful when the waitress ushered us in within 5 minutes. Since I came here with one cafe-hopping buddy only, we managed to get a normal table. If there are a big group of you, you may have to sit at the funky communal table. If you can notice from the picture below, the seats nearer to the counter are shorter than the opposite seats because of the uneven grounds.

Common Man Coffee Roasters at Martin Road

Okay, I stopped looking at the funky communal table when the menu is placed in front of my eyes. Common Man Coffee Roasters provides Breakfast All Day so you don't have to wake up so early on weekends to eat breakfast. If you come at lunch time, you have more dining options as you can order some dishes from Lunch selection as well. 

Common Man Coffee Roasters Food Menu

Common Man Coffee Roasters is famous for its coffee. It even has weekly coffee menu. I decided to try something "uncommon" because the uncommon selection looks pretty interesting. I mean, coffee which has root beer and cola, vanilla, and even honeydew taste? I'm sold...

Common Man Coffee Roasters Coffee Menu

...only to be shocked slightly after because the "uncommon" selection are actually not meant for the sissy coffee-drinker like me (who usually can only go from frappe to mocha to flavoured latte). I can tell that there is no milk whatsoever is my Lima Putri (SGD 8). My noob tastebud can tell that there is a taste of honeydew but still, it prefers the usual coffee with milk. Hahaha. Strong coffee drinker will enjoy this concoction pretty much. 

Lima Putri Coffee Concoction by Common Man Coffee Roasters

I don't know why but I feel like eating burger in a cafe. Since there are only two types of burgers sold by Common Man Coffee Roasters, Fish Burger and Common Man Burger (which has wagyu beef patty in it). Cafe-hopping buddy wanted to have a bite of Fish Burger. So, being a pretty good friend, I ordered the Fish Burger (SGD 26) so that she could have a bite from my burger, okay, my big burger. The fish burger taste awesome and juicy. The portion is so big up to the point I could not finish my fries.

Fish Burger at Common Man Coffee Roasters

Since I went for the lunch selection, cafe-hopping buddy opted for a breakfast selection, the Common Man Full Breakfast. The breakfast meal comes with two sunny side ups (you can choose how you want the eggs to be cooked) on top of a toast completed with bacon, sausages, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and beans. Reminded me of English breakfast. Oh gosh, I feel like eating Heinz baked beans now.

Full Breakfast at Common Man Coffee Roasters

If you think we have "common" size of ladies' tummy, you may be wrong because I am quite sure our tummy uncommonly always able to leave some space for desserts. Cafe-hopping buddy immediately ordered Common Man Churros (SGD 12) and totally cool when the waitress said the churros may take a while to be served (possibly take a while to fry, not so sure as I have never made churros in my life ever). The 25 minutes wait did not disappoint as the churros taste lovely, makes me wanna go to Spain, really. 

Churros at Common Man Coffee Roasters

Common Man Coffee Roasters' address:

22 Martin Road, #01-00

Opening hours:

7.30AM - 6PM Daily

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