Singapore Eats: Just Pho Fun, Five Square Pickering Street

I think I turn into a zombie every Monday morning. It is really tough to get very lively and to be honest, it's easier to just bite those people who annoy you in zombie-ish manner. But if your superior want to talk to you about jobs, with all due respect, I suppose we have to inject some life into ourselves (otherwise, jobless! Argh, real nightmare indeed).

Since I can't seem to throw away this ugh feeling, I usually opt to lunch alone on Monday (#eataloneloveit). The thing about eating alone is you have to make sure that noone that you know see you eating alone. This is by far the golden rule of anti-social lunching. Imagine you are eating by yourself and here comes a very curious (and hence, irritating) fella who know you and he/she says "hi, how come you eating alone? No one to eat with you today?" or worse "can I join you?". Gahh, I will bite the person off seriously (but obviously doing that action alone will land me a place in mental hospital or jail).

For me, I will travel all the way to this "elite" food court named Five Square at Pickering Street (which is literally not near to any MRT, and hence, safe). Five Square only has 5 food stalls though: Just Pho Fun, Omnivore (salad/ protein based meal), a Tapas restaurant, Teppei, and a chicken rice stall right beside Just Pho Fun.

Singapore Eats: Just Pho Fun Five Square Pickering Street

I was actually looking for Gogibox but apparently it was already closed. Sad me. Don't feel like going anywhere else since it's already 12+, the worse timing to find seat at anywhere else (except here, it seems), I decided to be flexible and going Vietnamese instead, walking all the way to Just Pho Fun. All the food stalls in Five Square has embraced technology and self-service system. Since tehre are no cashiers employed, customers are required to self-order by using the touch-screen machine, choose their own desired payment method and wait until an sms is sent to say that "Your order is ready for collection." Self-order, self-collect.  

Just Pho Fun Five Square Pickering Street

I really really think the reason of why there are still many seats available even when the clock hits 12.30 is because the food here has an average price-tag exceeding SGD 10. My pork chop broken rice from Just Pho Fun costs SGD 12.90. There goes dinner budget for the day. U_U. Thankfully, the pork chop taste nice especially when eaten together with the side salad and crispy fried shallot. #consolation

Pork Chop Broken Rice from Just Pho Fun Five Square

There is only one drink stall at the most left side of the food court. The teh-C taste average but I have an impression that I will be chased out by the cleaner if I keep lingering without buying drink (although I suppose I can be more thick-skinned about my own mindset). 

Five Square's address: 1 Pickering Street, Great Eastern Centre

Opening hours: 10AM - 12AM, closed on Sundays

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