Singapore Eats: M&S Cafe, Wheelock Place

Life is really tough nowadays with deadline coming up and I just simply have too many things to do. Okay I think I should really stop thinking about work or otherwise, my brain will dry up like prune. Let's just talk about food instead, shall we?

Last weekend, I visited the quite new M&S (Marks & Spencer) Cafe which replaces the hidden Coffee Club at the back end of the main M&S store. I love M&S frozen food since my undergrad days in Newcastle, England. So, even if the cafe really serves its frozen food items, I would not mind buying them and enjoying eating them in a cafe style. Most of the cakes were already sold out by the time I opened the menu around 5.30PM-ish on a Saturday. I wonder if their cakes are really popular or they did not bake enough cakes. Hahaha.

Singapore Eats: M&S Cafe, Wheelock Place

Oh well, since there were not many cakes left, I decided to try their mains instead. M&S Cafe has a few selection of pasta, sandwiches and salad. Since I love filled pasta like ravioli, I ordered the four cheese ravioli (SGD 12.90) which I thought should be served with creamy cheese sauce based on what the menu says but it served with tomato based sauce instead. Every pasta dish will be served with garlic bread at the side. I initially did not really bother about the garlic bread at all because it looks quite soggy and all but turns out the bread is so nice when consumed with the sauce.

M&S Cafe Wheelock Place Tomato Ravioli

Oh right, I did not come alone to M&S Cafe because otherwise, I would not be able to try various items from its menu. My dinner buddy agreed to share the jacket potato which reminds me of Wendy's baked potato (still sad that it's closed now). You can choose various fillings for your jacket potato such as egg mayonnaise, tuna and sweetcorn, salmon and cream cheese, butter, baked beans and cheese. We opted for tuna and sweetcorn jacket potato (SGD 7.90)  and it comes with a side salad. Not bad although I still prefer Wendy's broccoli and cheese potato. 

Tuna and sweetcorn jacket potato from M&S Cafe Wheelock Place

Last but not least, we also ordered sandwich because...well just because it sounds better than salad. Hahaha. After all, I am not really a salad person. Similar to the potato jacket selection, you can choose different fillings for the sandwich. Since we had already ordered tuna and sweetcorn potato jacket, we opted for different fillings for the sandwich i.e. chicken salad sandwich (SGD 13.90). The sandwich comes with the same salad pictured together with the jacket potato earlier. 

Grilled Chicken Sandwich from M&S Cafe Wheelock Place

M&S Cafe is located at level 1 of Wheelock Place, Orchard. You can reach the cafe through the main M&S store. 

Opening hours:

Sun - Thurs: 8.30AM - 10PM
Fri and Sat: 8.30AM - 10.30PM

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