Singapore Eats: Mak's Noodle, Vivo City

Aloha! How has everyone Sunday been? Some personal revelation to start with. The pastor has touched a topic of thanksgiving today and the message kinda slapped me in the face because I have been, well, complaining for a while now about my life in general. I suppose I have not been giving thanks enough and probably by doing that, I could have a new perspective of life.

To be honest with you, being grateful is easier done when you have a fully fed tummy (for a start, be grateful that you can enjoy eating, a lot of people is starving in this world). Fully inspired by the message, my Sunday date (Sun-date) and I proceeded to Mak's Noodle (yesh, the famous wanton noodle from Hong Kong) in Vivo City. This is the third branch of Mak's Noodle in Singapore. The first and second are located in Centrepoint (Somerset) and Westgate (Jurong East).

Singapore Eats: Mak's Noodle, Vivo City

I ordered dumpling while Sun-date ordered wanton to go with our noodles. As you can see, the portion is leaning toward to the word "small". But I heard Mak's Noodle at Hong Kong has the same serving portion so this is probably the best portion to enjoy wanton noodle? 

Dumpling and Wanton Soup from Mak's Noodle

The whole meal for one person looks like this. Pretty humble I must say but I think just enough to feed ladies (and kids?). I wonder if the uncles who dine besides us are full from eating their noodles. Hahaha.

Dumpling Noodle from Mak's Noodle Vivo City

Taste-wise, I really enjoy the salty and springy thin noodle. The oyster sauce is amazing and I wish Mak's Noodle is not that stingy with the sauce.  

Dry noodle with oyster sauce from Mak's Noodle

The dumpling soup is not bad but it does not wow me as much as the noodle was. A lot of people think that the price-tag set by Mak's Noodle is pretty steep considering the small portion that the restaurant serves. I suppose I kinda agree with this sentiment because the whole meal costs me SGD 10-ish. Considering the cost of living in Singapore, I guess we have to live by this price tag for the days to come.

Dumpling soup from Mak's Noodle at Vivo City

Mak's Noodle is located at the following locations:

(1) 176 Orchard Road, Centrepoint, #01-63/64

(2) Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, #03-06

(3) Vivo City, 1 Harbourfront Walk, #B2-27

Opening hours: 

Daily 11AM - 10PM

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