Singapore Eats: Wanna Cuppa, Clarke Quay

Hello Saturday! We are finally back on a full gear to our cafe-hopping adventure after a whole week of burning the midnight oil in the office. Okay, I may have exaggerated a bit since my record only hits 11PM (believe me, the next day I was zombie-ing) but the struggle is real. I hate working overtime but the workload sometimes needs me to do so. In times like these, it is very important to make sure that I recuperate well during the weekend and cafe-hopping makes me recharged. Yippie!

Today we are going to visit a hidden (but not so hidden) cafe in Clarke Quay, Wanna Cuppa. The cafe is located directly opposite the Central but surprisingly it is pretty quiet despite its location. Not that I complain though since I enjoy the quietness of chilling out in a cafe.

Singapore Eats: Wanna Cuppa, Clarke Quay

Wanna Cuppa's food is divided into weekend brunch, a la carte, mains and nibbles. Since we had made it all the way here on a weekend, we decided to zoom into the weekend brunch items which seem to be filled with eggs-based dishes. Hahaha.

Food and drinks menu at Wanna Cuppa Clarke Quay

Oh right, while we were thinking about what to eat, please enjoy the view of the interior design of Wanna Cuppa. The idea of putting a tree (fake, of course) inside the cafe is pretty creative. The cafe gives off the cozy vibe which I love the most when I do my cafe-hopping activity.

Inside Wanna Cuppa at Clarke Quay

We have decided and ordered our meal. But first, let's have a cup of flavored latte. Wanna Cuppa have coffee-fix for sweet-coffee drinker like me, flavoured latte and mocha. I tried the tiramisu latte (SGD 6) which comes with heart-shaped coffee art. Every order of coffee in Wanna Cuppa comes with a small plate of butter cookies. Nice touch of service, I must say.

Latte at Wanna Cuppa Clarke Quay

Since we were starving, we ordered a plate of nibbles, the fried enoki mushroom. The enoki mushroom seems to lose its healthy value once it is deep fried. LOL. Everything's fried (in a correct way) taste yummy for a strange reason. 

Fried enoki mushroom at Wanna Cuppa Clarke Quay

My order of Eggs Florentine (SGD 9.90) has finally arrived. It basically consists of poached eggs served on top of focaccia bread and spinach with a side of salad. Since I am an egg-lover, I totally enjoy Wanna Cuppa's rendition of Eggs Florentine. The eggs are poached perfectly with the yolk immediately dozing off after I poke the eggs. And turns out focaccia bread taste great with eggs. 

Eggs benedict at Wanna Cuppa Clarke Quay

Wanna Cuppa is located at:

15 New Bridge
Clarke Quay
(A few stores beside Songfa Bakut Teh)

Opening hours: 

Monday to Thursday: 8.30AM - 10PM
Friday: 8.30AM - 12AM
Saturday: 10AM - 12AM
Sunday: 10AM - 6PM 

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