Singapore Eats: All Day Set Special from Paul, MBLM

My lunch buddy is back from her annual solo trip to Korea and being such a good friend who ask her to help me buy things from Korea, I welcome her return with open arms. She wanted to come over to explore food options near my workplace at Marina Bay Link Mall ("MBLM"). That's when I remember that Paul at MBLM offers all day set special at SGD 15.80 per set. You would have to come here pretty early though (preferably before 12PM) to get seats. I have heard story that my friend got rejected from chopping seats before all diners arrive but it's probably because she has a large group of people. The waiters let me come and sit first even though my lunch buddy has not arrived yet at 11.50. #thepoweroftwo

Singapore Eats: All Day Set Special from Paul, MBLM

While waiting for dearest lunch buddy, let's see what does Paul offers in its all day set special. The all day set special is only available from Monday to Friday. The set consists of a choice of appetizer (soup or salad), choice of main course (chicken or fish) and choice of drink (iced peach tea or iced raspberry tea). You don't have much choice in the dessert area, unfortunately. 

All Day Set Special from Paul, MBLM

Complimentary bread has been served and lunch buddy was not here yet. Tempted to just munch before her since I was so hungry. 

Complimentary bread from Paul, MBLM

But she came shortly afterward so I only ate the bread when my cream potato soup arrived. The soup tastes so so but it's warm enough to warm me up as the restaurant is freezing cold (MBLM's air con is generally cold though). 

Potato Cream Soup from Paul MBLM

I have tried the roasted chicken thigh before so I wanted to try the pan fried salmon steak instead. In a close distance version, the size of the salmon steak looks pretty decent. 

Grilled salmon from Paul MBLM

But when compared with my lunch buddy's chicken, the salmon steak looks so small. Lunch buddy teased me that I was forced to go on diet (but fish is not fattening!). Taste-wise, the pan fried salmon steak taste pretty good. I love the side asparagus sticks too. The mash potato can be more, I suppose? Hahaha.

Daily lunch set from Paul MBLM Singapore

But I was so grateful my main course is smaller, because the dessert served in the all day set special is quite heavy. It is a big pot of creme brûlée, with a lot of cream (which I actually like..hehe). The creme brulee is nice and warm but it was quite heavy as dessert (especially for a girl who want to get slim, like me...don't laugh!). 

Creme brûlée from Paul MBLM Singapore

Overall, I think the all day set special from Paul is quite worth the price. Paul has a pretty comfortable atmosphere for office ladies to chat about their life too. Do note that the all day set special is only available at the MBLM outlet. 

Paul's address: 

8A Marina Boulevard, #B2-07 
Marina Bay Link Mall

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 8AM - 8PM
Saturday: 8AM - 3PM

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