Singapore Eats: Cedele, Wheelock Place

I feel so empty after finishing the latest K-Drama that I watch, Scarlet Heart. I suppose the saying about having existential problem when your favourite TV show ends is pretty accurate for me. Hahaha. Meanwhile, life goes on in the modern Goryeo but thankfully, we have cafes in modern Goryeo and there is no restriction in place for us to meet friends and eat together. So now, in our weekly meet-up, my friend and I decided to re-visit Cedele at Wheelock Place because both of us think that this branch looks pretty cozy as to be honest, not many people visit Wheelock Place except to dine with so many other shopping malls in Orchard.

Singapore Eats: Cedele, Wheelock Place

Cedele in Wheelock Place serves a wider variety of food compared to the other smaller branches. To start off, you can have breakfast at any time during the day at Cedele because they serve breakfast all day. 

Cedele Menu at Wheelock Place Orchard

If you do not feel like having breakfast for dinner, you can stick to the normal mains items which feature all kind of meats from beef, rib-eye, chicken, and fish. 

Cedele Mains Menu at Wheelock Place Orchard

But that day, I had a crave for pasta I dunno why. Since I am bored with the usual creamy pasta like carbonara, I chose chili crab pasta which is served with a big chunk of soft-shell crab and a generous amount of crab meats. I've never felt so satisfied and so full eating a chili crab pasta before. Totally worth of the price and taste yummy too. 

Red Chili Crab Pasta from Cedele Wheelock Place

After being in dilemma for a good few minutes, my friend finally decided to order one of the breakfast option, Mushroom Onion Pancake. The pancake comes with slices of tomato, a side salad and crispy bacon. Yum, bacon. Okay, the pancake taste pretty good too and it is definitely lighter than my chili crab pasta. I will probably order this if I revisit Cedele in the future.

Spring onion pancake at Cedele Wheelock Place Orchard

There is always room for dessert. The ultimate phrase for dooms. But Cedele's cakes taste so good, we could not help ordering a slice of cake to close the night on a sweet note. Most of the time we have dessert at Cedele, we order the famous Carrot Cake but today is the day to be adventurous so we tried something else, a slice of dark chocolate cake. It doesn't disappoint. 

Dark chocolate fudge cake from Cedele Wheelock Place Orchard

Cedele is located at: 

501 Orchard Road, #03-14 Wheelock Place

Opening hours:

Daily 10AM - 10PM

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