Singapore Eats: Chateraise, Shaw House

It seems that whenever I open anyone of my social media account, I will surely see the word "Trump". His win in the presidential election is indeed a surprise although I always think that his campaign surely have touched soft spot of some Americans. Proven enough, he won the presidential election race. It's gonna be interesting to see how well American is doing in future.

But, meanwhile, since I am not an American citizen, I will just keep watch occasionally while eating my sweet stuff. Talking about sweet stuff, have you been to the currently popular patisserie from Japan, Chateraise? If you have not heard about this patisserie yet, you should really make a visit to their store either at Chinatown Point, Westgate or Shaw House. I've visited the outlet at Shaw House though during my last Saturdate with bae to Orchard.

Singapore Eats: Chateraise, Shaw House

One word that usually pops into our mind once we heard the words "Japanese Patisserie". Yep, expensive. But to my surprise, Chateraise's price tag for its popular items are crazily affordable. Even on par with the local bread store, Bread Talk. 

Cake display at Chateraise Shaw House Orchard

As how it goes in Japan, Chateraise ranks its own creation. The patisserie item which earns the no. 1 tag is the Choux Puff (i.e. cream puff). But I feel like eating the item which earns no. 2 tag instead because it is a roll cake. My childhood favourite.

Roll cake and cream puff at Chateraise Shaw House

The price tag for this green tea red bean (matcha azuki) roll cake is S$1.90. I know, right! If it costs pretty similar to bread, I would mind substituting bread with roll cake for breakfast. Hehe. But first, let's see how yumz is this Japanese roll cake it. Chateraise claims that they use Uji matcha for its roll cake and since I have tried the matcha in Uji during my last trip to Japan in 2015, I should know how it fares. #challengeaccepted

Chateraise Matcha Roll Cake

The matcha tastes as good as I could remember. The roll cake is best consumed while it is cold (so keep them in a fridge if you are not going to eat it right away). The cream and the sponge taste rich in a good way. Definitely another favourite to me (and Sally, too). 

Matcha Roll Cake from Chateraise Shaw House

Chateraise's address:

350 Orchard Road
B2 Isetan Scotts Shaw House
Nearest MRT: Orchard

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday, Sunday: 10AM - 9PM
Saturday: 10AM - 9.30PM

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