Singapore Eats: High Tea at L'eclair by Sarah Michelle, Dhoby Ghaut

This Saturday marks one of my high school friend's official departure from singlehood as she has officially married her beau. Congratz to the happy couple. Wedding is such a joyous event although being the left behind single friend, I kinda feel a tinge of sadness letting my friend go to her hubby. Hmm, am I a possessive friend? Let's hope my friend does not dump me away after she got married. LOL.

Oh well anyway. Life is wasted when you are feeling sad/ worry/ uncertain/ insecure so let's just move on and eat cakes. Or a lot of cakes for that matter. Because who knows your future husband may not let you eat cake at all (oh my gawd, I won't even marry this kind of man to be honest, how to co-exist with a sweet-tooth like myself). Talking about eating cakes, if you are feeling like eating a lot of cakes but unwilling to spend SGD 50-ish for hotel's high tea buffet, you may want to check out the high tea degustation set offered by L'eclair by Sarah Michelle.

Singapore Eats: High Tea at L'eclair by Sarah Michelle, Dhoby Ghaut

The popular degustation set has only been launched starting 11 October from Tuesday to Sunday (11AM - 4.30PM). If you want to come on weekends, you must book in advance because some of the dates are already fully booked. There are 3 slots available to choose from:

First slot - 11AM/12PM
Second slot - 2PM
Last slot - 4/4.30PM

Eclairs from L'eclair by Sarah Michelle Dhoby Ghaut

We chose the last slot because you can only dine for 2 hours for the first and second slot. It is kinda tough to do that if you want to take picture of all the things that you eat that day. And judging from the wide varieties of eclairs put on display here, you will need more time to take picture, to eat, to discuss about the food, to discuss about life affairs, to sip your drinks, etc etc in two hours.  

Chocolate eclairs from L'eclair by Sarah Michelle

You do have option to dine in ala carte after 6PM I suppose but the individual price for the eclairs and pies served at L'eclair is not cheap. I personally think that the high tea degustation set is more economical since it is SGD 50 for two pax. 

Savoury pies from L'eclair by Sarah Michelle

Some of the tea selection served at L'eclair.  

Teas from L'eclair by Sarah Michelle Dhoby Ghaut

Oh right, the high tea degustation drink comes with a choice of drink. You can pick one of the drinks available on the drink menu. Initially I thought you have to pick drinks which do not cost more than SGD 5 but a lot of drinks are actually SGD 5.5/ SGD 6, so I just decided to pick one of these drinks anyway. 

Coffee and beverages menu from L'eclair by Sarah Michelle

And turns out, they let you do that. I suppose they are not so nit-picking on the 50 cents - 1 dollar difference. My chosen drink to accompany the high tea for that Sunday afternoon is a glass of Iced Earl Grey Latte. I love earl grey taste very much and hence, totally love this drink. Too bad, there won't be any latte art since I chose the iced version. But the weather was pretty hot and humid outside so I needed my cold drinks badly.

Iced earl grey latte from L'eclair by Sarah Michelle Dhoby Ghaut

 My high tea buddy was told by her Chinese sinseh (re: doctor) that she should not consume a lot of cold drinks. Being a good patient, she chose a hot matcha latte which came with a very beautiful latte art. This is one of the best latte art that I have ever seen so far.

Green Tea Latte from L'eclair by Sarah Michelle

Here comes the high tea set! Yeay! I really love the way L'eclair design the rack. It's simple and yet classy. As you can see, the high tea set comes in three tiers. Let's analyse them all!

High tea set from L'eclair by Sarah Michelle Dhoby Ghaut

The most bottom tier has all the savoury canapés. The most left canapé is filled with mushroom (high tea buddy love this despite her hatred toward mushroom), the next one is bruschetta with tomato bits (normal), the slightly bigger pie (bigger and hence, there's only one to share) is the mini version of chicken bacon pie displayed at the top and it tastes so awesomely yummy. The last canapé on the right is tuna pie (it's alright). 

Savoury tier of high tea at L'eclair by Sarah Michelle

Next, the middle tier has all the beautiful mini eclairs. From left to right: Vanilla, Dark Chocolate (my favourite!), Rose, Kaya, and Salted Caramel. The most unique eclair is gotta be the Kaya. Eclairs are pretty sweet by nature so it is a good thing to have them in mini size so that you can try out a lot of varieties of the eclairs because feeling sweetness overdose.

Eclairs tier at high tea from L'eclair by Sarah Michelle

The top tier is filled with the sweetest dessert on the menu, the macarons (which are so damn sweet, thankfully they are small in size) and the chocolates (yum, I love choc so I don't mind these).
Macarons at high tea from L'eclair by Sarah Michelle

L'eclair by Sarah Michelle is located at:

190 Clemenceau Avenue #01-28
Singapore Shopping Centre

Nearest MRT: Dhoby Ghaut 

Opening hours:

Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday to Friday - 11AM to 8PM
Saturday - 11AM to 9PM
Sunday - 11AM to 6PM

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