Singapore Eats: Pimp My Salad, Pasarbella

Hello! With less than 2 months to go in the year 2016, I have decided to do something about one of my resolutions this year which happened to be the most challenging resolution for myself. It is a personal challenge to expand my social circle, which I have tried to do with a great reluctance. LOL. I have applied for another type of volunteering. And to make it the most effective challenge ever, the  voluntary work involves saying hello to people. Whee~~~ talk about meeting your own demons. Oh well, since it's only the early stage and who knows, they may only summon me when I am away for my end of year holiday (and hence, it's unforeseen circumstances, it can even be divine intervention).

While I am pondering upon my upon fate, I realise that it's time to meet another new year's resolution despite the tardiness. It's time to eat healthier I suppose since December is coming. Hahaha. I leave this resolution to my friend who is a healthy-eating-freak (I mean it in a good way if you happen to read this..LOL) now since she wanted to lose another 10kg. Everytime I meet her near her office building, we always go to Pasarbella at Suntec City where she could enjoy a plate of salad/ protein from Pimp My Salad.

I have to admit the selection offered here is the "pimped" version of salad sold at food court or hawker centre (oh yes, nowadays you can find salad at hawker centre like Golden Shoes and Amoy Street Food Market). Each ingredient has each own price tag. Even the sauce has price tag, no kidding. A plate of salad base (lettuce), sweet potato, mushroom, chicken breast and mustard sauce costs me SGD 11. Nobody tell me eating healthy creates hole in your wallet but I have to admit, this plate of ingredients taste pretty good and clean. It lasts me until 6PM too. 

Singapore Eats: Pimp My Salad, Pasarbella

But I suppose there is always a price in everything. Including in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Let's hope for a steady stream of income while we live in this world. 

Pimp My Salad is situated at: 

#01-455 North Wing, Suntec City
3 Temasek Boulevard 

Nearest MRT: Promenade/ Esplanade MRT

Opening hours: 

11AM - 10.30PM Daily

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