Singapore Eats: Pong Gelato, SCAPE

Hello! There's something weird about weekend, it always ends too soon. Sobs. Earlier today, I heard a sermon about letting go all your troubles and let God do the works. On ears, this sounds very easy to do but in reality, this is tough. It is human nature to work so hard to achieve something. But since I did not see any results or even a hint of results in those troublesome matters, I decided to take the first step of letting go, chill. And eat something sweet.

To make sure this "CHILL" mojo is embedded in life, I dragged my friend to share a dessert with me. After all, sharing is caring. There is a hype about coconut lately in town. Coconut water, coconut ice cream, coconut cake, etc etc. So, we decided to try something with coconut today at Pong Gelato, SCAPE.

Singapore Eats: Pong Gelato, SCAPE

The stall is quite deserted at 3PM on a Sunday, we were kinda surprised. But anyway, we had more time to decide of what to eat without other people pressuring us. We ordered Item 2 which consists of coconut and mango ice cream plus two toppings in a husk. 

Handcrafted ice cream menu at Pong Gelato

The coconut that Pong Gelato uses is the Thai coconut which is smaller in size compared to let's say Indonesian coconuts. The water inside the cup below is actually the water from the coconut itself. 

Coconut and mango ice cream from Pong Gelato

While the mango and coconut ice cream taste not bad, I think the dessert lack the wow factor. In addition, Pong Gelato does not have a comfortable seats for people to enjoy eating the gelato. I wonder if the concept is more catered to to-go customers but eating Item 2 is kinda difficult while walking around. Or is it just me who is clumsy? Hehe. 

Pong Gelato Mango and Coconut Ice Cream

Pong Gelato is located at:

#02-18C, 2 Orchard Link

Nearest MRT: Somerset

Opening hours:

12.30PM - 10PM

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