Singapore Eats: Sugar Lips, Orchard Gateway

I cannot believe that today is only Tuesday. I don't know why but this week seems to go slower than usual. But thankfully, I found a nice manga about volleyball club named Haikyu which I have been reading until bed time since Sunday. Talking about Sunday does remind me of this one weekend when my friends and I visited a hidden cafe in Orchard Gateway named Sugar Lips.

Singapore Eats: Sugar Lips, Orchard Gateway

Sugar Lips is really located at one corner of Orchard Gateway and hence, pretty much hidden. Quite surprised my friend did manage to find out about the place. She's so good at finding spots like these ones. From the menu, Sugar Lips seems to be the kind of cafe where you want to have fun and happening looking desserts and coffee. It also has other fancy sugary drinks if you are adventurous enough to try. 

Sugar Lips Menu at Orchard Gateway

The decoration of the cafe is pretty much screaming the word "fun". Splash of paints, polka dots in vibrant and loud color can be found all over the walls, floors and seats. There are no cushions on the stony seats so don't be over-excited and bump your butt on the stony surface of the seats.

Decoration inside Sugar Lips at Orchard Gateway

Looks like we are in some kind of art warehouse if you ask me. 

Fun decoration of Sugar Lips at Orchard Gateway

There are props available on each table too so you will not get bored while your food is being served inside the kitchen.

Waiting for food at Sugar Lips Orchard Gateway

Since we were so sleepy that afternoon, we decided to wake ourselves us by some caffeine-fix. The size of the latte is kinda stingy though I have to say. For your information, I have not drunk not even a sip of this cup of latte. Taste wise, pretty good.

Latte at Sugar Lips Orchard Gateway

There are three types of desserts offered at Sugar Lips, molten lava cake, waffles and cakes. In addition to these three types of dessert, Sugar Lips also has gelato and savoury bites such as pies, quesadillas and even lasagna (ok I don' think lasagna qualifies as bites). We ordered lavalicious matcha molten which comes with a whole lot of biscuits and a spray of syrup in different color on the plate. This whole plate looks pretty mosaic to me. 

Lavalicious matcha molten from Sugar Lips

The side view of the lavalicious matcha molten. The matcha molten taste pretty good, better eaten while it's hot.  

Lavalicious Matcha Molten from Sugar Lips Orchard Gateway

For the next dessert, we chose a different type of dessert. Since we have chose molten cake previously, let's have a waffle instead. Initially we wanted to order charcoal or red velvet waffles since they are rather unique but both flavor were not available that day. We ended up ordering chocolate fluffy waffle instead. 
Chocolate Fluffy Waffle from Sugar Lips at Orchard Gateway

You can choose one flavor of gelato to pair with the waffles. Since we already have both chocolate and matcha flavour on our table, we decided to pair the waffle with something different, like thai milk tea flavoured gelato. If you notice, the waffles are paired with different set of stuff compared to the molten cake. Hahaha. Pretty interesting concept despite the hobby to spray the dessert with all kind of sugary color syrup. Hahaha. 

Chocolate Fluffy Waffle from Sugar Lips at Orchard Gateway

Sugar Lips is located at: 

227 Orchard Road, #02-01
Orchard Gateway

Nearest MRT: Somerset

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday - 11AM to 10PM
Closed on Sunday

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