Singapore Eats: Chateraise again, Chinatown Point

2016 is nearly ending and yet, there are so many grim news surrounding this year. Personally, 2016 was not all gloom and doom although I admit I may have done some stuff in a better way if I can repeat the year. But I cannot anyway, so let's just chill and praying for better days in 2017. Other than life in general, my love for desserts is still going strong in 2016 and I really love desserts sold at Chateraise at Chinatown Point.

Singapore Eats: Chateraise again, Chinatown Point

Other than the fact that these desserts look so pretty, their price is pretty much reasonable especially when compared with the market price of Japanese cakes in Singapore. I should probably buy one slice of cake to celebrate the changing of the year in my room. But on second thought, I may have eaten so many cakes this month alone. Hmm, okay, I'll decide on this on 31st. Hahaha. 

Cake display at Chateraise Chinatown Point

More cakes to select from Chateraise. I did not go for cakes that day though despite all these temptations. 

More cakes at Chateraise Chinatown Point

Chateraise also sells cakes and cookies in gift boxes. To be exact, in pretty Japanese style gift boxes. 

Pretty dessert at Chateraise Chinatown Point

I decided to buy a simple double chou cream though which is supposedly their no.1 best seller. 

Double Chou Cream puff from Chateraise

Chou cream is basically a cream puff. While the texture and the taste are nice and fluffy, I am not really a fan of cream puff. I should have gone for other type of cakes from Chateraise. If you love cream puff, I suppose you will love Chateraise's rendition of cream puff.  

Double Chou Cream puff from Chateraise Chinatown Point

Chateraise is located at

Level 1, Chinatown Point (next to KOI)

Nearest MRT: Chinatown

Opening hours:

Daily 10AM - 10PM 

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