Singapore eats: Hen's Night at Prive, Clarke Quay

Hello! I have just attended the last friend's wedding in 2016 and oh boy, totally need a break from attending a series of weddings, really. Do you personally like attending wedding? Or more like very burdened by being invited to one? Hahaha. I do like attending weddings but only limited those people that I really care and love. But before the wedding, most likely you need to do one task for your beloved friend, the hen's night (also known internationally as the bachelorette party). If you are still looking for a restaurant to do hen's night in 2017, you may want to consider having it at Prive in Clarke Quay.

Singapore Eats: Hen's Night at Prive, Clarke Quay

Back when I was involved in my high school best friend's hen's night October, Clarke Quay was decorated in festive month as Singapore apparently took the Germans' celebration of Oktoberfest to their theme of the month. A lot of people coming to gather with a pint of beer in the their hands for a good cheer. 

Oktoberfest at Clarke Quay Singapore

I would not mind grabbing a pint of Paulaner beer myself too but immediately reminded myself of the purpose of coming to Clarke Quay on that day. #easilydistracted

Paulaner Stand at Oktoberfest Clarke Quay Singapore

Prive has a pretty good ambience which is suitable for any event. If you purely come for dinner/ drinks only, you probably prefer to sit near the entrance of the restaurant which has a section of live bands performing at certain timings.

Prive Clarke Quay Singapore

However, if you book a section of the area for a private function, you may prefer to book the middle section of the restaurant. It seems that there is another hen's night party which is gonna be in session later (judging from the prop and decoration assigned on these tables). Pink glittery hat? Sounds like a higher scale of bachelorette's party happening later. 

Prive Night Live Band at Clarke Quay Singapore

If you, however, prefer cozy and quieter setting to enjoy your meal and drinks, you should book a table at the corner of the restaurant. The seats here are cushioned sofa and hence, the extra comfy level. 

Cozy sofa corner at Prive Clarke Quay

We booked our table at 6.30PM. Quite early because we purposely wanted to avoid the drinking crowd. In addition, we wanted to take advantage of the Happy Hour too. Prive serves Paulaner beers. Yum!

Happy Hour at Prive Clarke Quay Singapore

I did bring some props for our low-key hen's night such as the bachelorette's ribbon and stuff. But turns out Prive also has some props suitable for hen's night especially for photo taking purpose. We took a lot of great and fun pictures with them. Too bad the restaurant is dimly lit with pink neon which makes lighting not really sufficient for proper photo taking (unless your camera is so advance). Right, how about the food? First, we ordered a party platter which contains a lot of fingers food. I am a sucker for party platter so this platter is a yeay for me. My favourite is gotta be that mozzarella sticks. Nom!

Snack Platter from Prive Clarke Quay

We also ordered two mains after the platter to fill ourselves us since it is not good to drink alcohol without eating a proper meal (i.e. you will get high easily). The first main dish that we ordered is a sirloin steak cooked in medium well. I am not really a fan of steak so this one is considered okay-ish for me.  

Sirloin Steak from Prive Clarke Quay

The next dish that we ordered is grilled barramundi but the sauce is a bit weird for my taste. I guess Prive uses citrus/ lemon sauce for the seasoning which I don't really like sadly. 

Grilled Barramundi at Prive Clarke Quay

Despite the lacking of the taste of the main dishes, we like the fact that Prive seems to be quite used to hen's night celebration and hence, the staff did not seem to be bothered even when we summoned them quite often to help us taking pictures here and there. Other than that, the props are great too to help us taking pictures with. Food wise, maybe just stick to the platter and the drinks and you'll be good. 

Hen's Night Feast at Prive Clarke Quay

Prive is located at: 

Blk 3C River Valley Road, #01-09A 
Clarke Quay

Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay 

Opening hours: 

Monday - Tuesday: 5PM to 2AM
Wednesday - Friday: 5PM to 3AM
Saturday: 11.30AM to 4AM
Sunday: 11.30AM to 2AM

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